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So my son recently got a gift from his Nana called the Flexi Puzzle from Brainwright. This one toy is definitely a brain teaser of a game that will for sure have your mind bending in all sorts of ways. Especially if you're not the type to use your brain on mind-bending toys.

Like I haven't in awhile. ūüôā

This Flexi Puzzle was bought for my youngest son to use but the thought of him concentrating on something more than 5 minutes like a toy. Is something that has never really interested him unless it's some sort of computer game. So to have him sit and figure something out on a puzzle was way too much work for him if you let him tell it.


In a hurry read more about the Flexi Puzzle here ——-> Click Here!


flexi puzzle Brainwright

Just the sight of it was too funny, how he just threw to the side after a minute or so. But that did not stop me from playing with it. I love toys, in fact I'm quite the kid around here and I really don't mind putting things together and figuring stuff out. I'm no engineer, but hey I do get a kick out  of just plain o'l fun.

Check it out after a little while of practice I was able to master quite a few of the mind-bending twist and turns of this brainwright Flexi puzzle.


flexi puzzle


After awhile my middle son decided to pick it up and give it go, but this kid was knocking them out left and right from the very beginning!¬†I mean he was a full master from the start. Lol…

I sort of got jealous for second and realized this kid has a natural gift of putting things together and taking them apart. I mean hey he was a lego fanatic for the longest time and really into Kinect's for a while.


flexi puzzle game


Do your kids love stem toys, my boys love them and this little flexi puzzle is really quite addictive. I found myself keeping it in my purse to see if I could master all the levels  that came in the book as shown here.


This Flexi Puzzle by Brainwright includes 4 different levels of difficulty, 80 Challenges, a 12 cube flexi puzzle and is great for those 8 and up like my boys.

Just like the packaging says this brain-bending puzzle is hard to put down!


I couldn't stop! ūüôā


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