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valerie-juneWell you guys, remember a while back I mentioned in a post about one of my artists that I listen too (Valerie June). Well I am so stoked because over the past year she has been getting more recognition as  the incredible artists that she is.  Valerie June is someone I have been following now for years now, and even on her new album their are still some  songs on there that  were written by her from years ago.  I'm loving the fact that my girl is finally now getting some real national name recognition.

Valerie June is from Memphis, Tennessee  and grew up in the Appalachian mountains listening to a great variety of music, she always had a passion for music and decided to really pursue it once she got older, she even taught herself to play more than one string instrument. To help with her music career.  Valerie decided to call her music Organic Moonshine Roots Music because she loves to give fun and meaningful names to her music.  It is a  blend of country, Soul, Folksy, rock music.

I love Valerie's music, because that is exactly the type of music that I'm  into.

In fact some of my favorite songs from her are:

Pushing against a stone

Workin(working) Woman's Blue's

Raindance  and Somebody to love!

Lately, Valerie has been mentioned everywhere from David Letterman, to the  CBS morning show,  and beyond. In fact I am so exited because she will be coming to my hometown in February of next year and I can't wait to meet her! I use the Bands in town app, to let me know when certain groups are in town so that I can arrange for a date night with the hubby!

I love Valerie Junes Twined and Twisted music! She is for sure some one you ought-a  know!


What sort of music do you like or listen too!  I would love to know. 😉




This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure for more Info.

If you have not heard of Valarie June  than you  in a for treat. Being into old country music, and folk soul. Valarie June is one down to earth chick that is rocking the music scene and changing the game for sure.

Valerie June goal at point is to bring back into awareness the grassroots movement of traditional folk music. As she calls it the organic moonshine roots movement. I fell in love with the title of the movement as I can
remember fondly being a little girl listening to old country music songs and pure at heart folk ones at that.



However don't let her looks deceive you or even have you thinking huh? She sings that:)

That is what I thought the first time I heard her sing. I'm into country music but to hear a black woman singing country, folk moonshine music at that! Really intrigued me to learn more about her.

Valerie June with the voice of an angel that is smooth as silk, is for surely a star in her own right. As a self taught guitar player and oldest child of five children. Decided to pursue her music passion at the age of 19, she comes from a strict Christian family and pretty much raised her siblings so she is not stranger to hard work and discipline.

Check out Valerie and I when she came to my town and did a wonderful Job!

valerie june album

She has worked with the john forte who co-wrote the fugues album, and she even wrote the popular song No draws blues.  Valerie June is a mixture of Bob Marley, Sinead O'Connor and Dolly parton all in one.

Surely a gem that needs more recognition!

Well I posted a couple of songs of Valerie's in my play list below for you to listen to.