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Hey, I wanted to take a minute and show you guys my order of my Thrive market order. If you have not heard yet, I love shopping! I also love to save money and avoid trips going to and back from the store if I don't have to. Shopping for all natural items can be expensive. Especially If you have not figured out yet how to save money either bargain shopping at different stores or using coupons.

That is why I love this new Company called Thrive Market! They really make it simple to shop for everyday natural and organic items that you use around your house. Not only that thrive market has all of their items at or below retail prices with many items being as much as 25%-50% off!!

Yes, ya'll I have been able to save on a ton of items from food to all natural bath and body products and even green cleaning items. I was able to get me this all natural Window cleaner for the low, as you can see here.


Natural Window Cleaner



Even the boxing comes in recyclable pretty packaging which I will save and reuse  for the coming future.

Thrive Market is the first socially conscious online marketplace offering the world's best-selling natural and organic products at or close to wholesale prices. Think Costco meets Whole Foods Online.

For the less than $5 a month or a ($59.95 annual membership) You will save and shop on high quality foods, natural bath and body products, natural beauty products and personal care.

Some of the brands include Welda, Seventh Generation, Giovanni products and Annie's Homegrown and even Eden Foods!

In fact with every membership  made with thrive market they will match that and give one free membership to a low income family. In order that they will also have a chance of high quality natural items for their home and family.

What do you think? Would you give thrive market a try?

So far so good, I had free shipping on my first order and I even got a membership!


Thrive Market


Also thrive market has items to fit just about whatever you are into say for instance you like paleo, Gluten-Free, Raw, or Vegan. It has items in every category for what you are looking for.

In fact with your first purchase you even get 25% off to go along with all the other savings!

Cool Huh!

As a matter of fact I even made a video showcasing some of the items I got from there. Once I edit it I'll post it!

If your interested in trying them out visit them here at Thrive-Market!

Than come back and tell me what you got! 🙂