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Well I just wanted to do a quick post and show you guys what I was able to get from my farm fresh pick up this week.  I tend to get a lot of the same items, along with food items that I might get from the farmers market. Today I was able to get a small batch of things. The farm fresh pick up here is only every two weeks, so I try to get items like raw milk, grass fed butter and cheese and soy free eggs if I am able too.

I love getting my fresh milk in the spring because with all the fresh grass it all just tastes so much (butter) better 😉 .  Hmm…mmmm.. good!


Nothing like some good o'l fresh butter on some fresh made muffins! Luv it.


Well the enjoy the video, my mouth is already salivating.!



This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure for more Info.


village green network


Are you looking to save a ton of money on your natural living products, or are just looking looking for some great steals from time to time. Well with the new Village Green marketplace you will be able to do just that. Its no secret that I try to live a natural lifestyle,  in my beauty regime and more so by eating real food.  I wrote a post a while back on real food nutrition and how eating nutrient dense food is better for your overall health.  Its is also known that trying to eat  as healthy as possible and use natural living products in your household, could cost money if your not using savvy methods of shopping.

I've had my trials and errors when it comes to finding what works and what does not work.  That is why I am excited to share the Village Green Marketplace with you. The Village Green marketplace allows you to have  a membership that is either monthly or yearly. You can chose to get the yearly option while their is a opening rate of $39.00, or you would be able to pay just $5.00 a month for a year.

I choose to go get the premium option now while there is a discount for it, along with the fact that I will save a ton throughout the year on products that I buy month to month.  For instance this month I was able to save on laundry soap from Molly Suds! I ended up saving $3.15 off the actual price of the product.  I than ordered an all purpose cleaner from branch basics and saved over $6.00 off the price of the product!


molly suds soap


Along with the Branch Basics!


branch basics

branch basics


The Village green marketplace is a great go to spot with pretty much everything you need in one spot. Along with steals off plenty of videos and eBooks catered to natural living.  It is a brand new discount club For just $5/month (or $49/year,) members get 25% off all Village Green products including e-books, online classes, e-book bundles and more. You will also save on all their favorite brands including natural and organic foods, supplements, kitchen appliances and more with monthly specials and discount coupon codes.


Sign up now and you will be able to get in for as little as $3.25 a month or $39.00 a year!

This promotion will not last long in fact it ends on June 30th, so you have to act soon.

You can sign up here at Village Green Marketplace!