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3 Free Meals - Sun Basket


I don't' know about you, but this was my very first time trying out a food delivery kit that gets sent to your home. There are so many box kits out there these days from beauty boxes to fitness boxes and even food meal delivery kits. Well, I was sent a  meal kit from Sun Basket to try out this past week, and to my surprise, I was pleasantly pleased.

Just the Idea of ordering food online sometimes scares me especially if its meat and vegetables. I like to smell my food and get a good look at it before I purchase it. However, I did my due diligence and Sun Basket Food Delivery kits do have many great reviews online.

So I was like, what the heck. I'll give it try.  Trying something once couldn't hurt me, could it? 😉

Well, just so you know Sun Basket is actually a great company, in fact, they are a healthy meal kit service that delivers top of the line top sustainably-sourced meat items. They use only organic fruits and vegetables for you to cook with for your family or significant other. They have many other options for you to choose from, which means you are able to order different meal kits that are either Paleo, Gluten-free, Vegetarian and even a Family option.

The Family option though is for a family of four at the moment, I spoke to a Sun-basket representative and they told me this coming year they will options for a family of 6. Which is something I need since I have four boys. But that didn't stop me from trying out the kit. I just added a little more items that I already had on hand to make it stretch.

Hey, it was sent to me, so you do what you gotta do.

As of now they even have a breakfast option, but I'm not at the level yet. Breakfast is something I can do at home on my own. Since they did send me two of the Family meal options to try out which are all kid friendly and tested to be easy to cook and clean up well.




Something else that is really cool, is that all the recipes are healthy 30-mintue recipes designed for minimal cleanup and tested to taste well and be kid friendly.  All recipes are developed by an award-winning San Franciso Chef and Chef Tyler Florence helps with one of the recipes each week for the family kit. In fact, the food kit's are sent in 100% recyclable packaging.

When you do order you are able to choose any recipe you like and I think up to two a week depending on which kit you decide to go with.  You won't have to worry about the food because my food was sent very quick and very well insulated and cold when It got delivered to my front door. They even have the food delivered in the evening, to make sure it is not sitting outside your door for too long!

How cool it that!

My two meals that I chose was the Vietnamese steak stir-fry with jasmine rice and the Sesame-crusted chicken with roasted new potato salad.


I made the both dishes the same week, back to back. The first one with steak stir-fry was a huge hit in my home. My kids loved it so much that I plan to make the dish again in the future. Like I said before I had to add some more rice to it since I am feeding a family of six, not four. The meat stretched and the dish was very flavorful and really easy to cook.

The rice I cooked in my Rice cooker and everything else I made in the pan, once finished I topped the rice with the stir-fry and served. It was delicious!!!



The Sesame-Crusted Chicken with the roasted potatoes salad sounded and looked great in the photos, but for some reason, I could not get the crust to stay on the chicken while it cooked in the pan. I did the best I could and it smelled great. However, we ended up eating everything else with the chicken. Except the sesame panko crust did not stay on like I wanted it too. My kids still ate it though and it still had great flavor.

All in all, I was impressed with Sun-Baskets Food Delivery Kits, I'm not one to order too much food online. But the service was delivered quickly to my home. The items all were fresh, and the food recipes had great flavor with a restaurant vibe that you are able to make all from the comfort of your home.

Despite, the one issue I had with sesame seeds. I am curious to try out a couple more food items, especially for days when you don't want to cook and want to try something different. You are not stuck in any month to month contracts, in fact, you just order when you order, and you cancel membership at any time.

Sun-basket is really on to something here and I think they are going to be around for a very long time.


So you know if you do decide to try them you will be able to get your first three meals free!

Get 3 FREE Family Menu Meals from Sun Basket! Fresh organic, non-GMO ingredients and kid-friendly recipes delivered!




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Not too long ago, I had decided to sign up and try out the Ecocentric Mom boxes. Ecocentric boxes are a safe alternative way to try out all natural, organic, chemical free brands on the cheap. As a busy mom and avid shopper,  I love trying out new things. In fact I consider myself a product junkie. There is one thing about the smell of new items that I know are safe for my family and I which really gets me excited.  It could just be my passion that I have always had with natural living.

I know, don't judge me……..

Ecocentric Mom Box


For example according to Ecocentric Mom Box did you know that tricolsan is a hormone disrupting agent that is present in more than 140 types of products from hand soap to  toothpaste, and even children's toys. Which can interfere with brain and reproductive development and lead to learning disabilities and infertility.

I know for a fact that is something I try to avoid if I can, the human body readily absorbs things placed on the skin and ingested. You have to make sure you are protecting  your little ones and your health.

That is why I love Ecocentric Mom box! It is a monthly subscription box packages. That sends you full size samples and modest sizes to try in the comfort of your own home. Ecocentric mom box is basically taking the guess work out of it for you on what you should buy.  It will  save you money in the buying process, because once you are able to try out new product samples you will be equipped in the future to know whether or not you would want to buy that product again or not.

Without Having to buy the whole product, than find out after one use you didn't like it to begin with.


I know I have wasted money plenty of times on things like that.



Ecocentric Mom Boxes, gives you option of subscribing based on what you need. There are three different boxes that you could choose from. The Mom Box, The Mom to Be Discovery box , and the The Baby Discovery Box . The Mom box  is for any mother with little ones to teenagers and beyond.  The mom to be Discovery box is for new to be moms, in which you would receive products based on things you need throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The Baby discovery box will give you all things that are need for the new baby during the first few years.

These boxes are great and loaded with products full of healthy, non-toxic, Eco-friendly, safe products, including skin care; make-up; healthy home; organic non GMO foods, toys,  creams, snacks and treats; fair trade; nutritional and wellness products; spa/pampering items..

I have two boxes so far and I have used many of the products, so some of the items are missing from my boxes. I should of did a review sooner but you know how life gets in the way.

Some of the items in the boxes include:

Tree Hugger – All Natural Bubble Gum

Organic Tisano Chocolate Tea

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews pure natural energy

Candestino Banana Bar with Milk Chocolate

Organic Nectar's Cocoa Bars

Simply Rustic Pumpkin Body Scrub

Lauren Brooks Cosmetics sample which comes with Coupons.

Elma & Sana Pure Organic Argan Oil Moisturizer

Golden Path Alchemy Awaken cleanser

Along with coupons, vouchers to Company's like Green Kid Crafts and Kids conserve!


The second box that I got came with:

A Zents 5 Piece Set

Jamu Coconilla Massage Oil

Simply 7 Snacks Lentil Chips

Pure Matters Pea Protein Chocolate and Vanilla Protein shake

Celtic Complexion Creme

Probar Meal Bar

The Seaweed Bath Co. Lavender Powder Bath

Shakelee Basic  H20 Organic Super Cleansing Concentrate

Purple Prairie Botanicals Tea Tree Bar Soap

Berryplus Laundry  Soap

The list is just full of great products that you would receive, I am very impressed so far with the products so far and can't wait to try out new products and new companies. Luv it!!

Do you use Ecocentric Mom Boxes?



Get your EcoMom Box Today!








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Source via Rebecca,via pintrest

Today has been a good day so far, I got to get out with the boys and finish up the spring season of their soccer league. The kids did really well with it being the first time they ever played soccer. My oldest hates soccer, I think the coming new year he will be on the swim team down the street. Austin my middle child loves the game, that is the one thing he constantly thinks about. I tell you he is always kicking that ball around the house and breaking something. From sun up to sun down that is one thing that he truly loves, is that soccer ball.

I'm glad that they got the chance to see what it feels like to follow through on something and hang in there to get the reward, with four boys doing practice twice a week and games. Man I almost gave up at once. But it was all worth the effort. I'll be able to add that to my list of recreation that the kids participated in this year for home school.

However, that its not the only thing to talk about. I have been reading quite a couple of posts around the blogosphere since the weekend started.

One thing that really caught my attention was the the fact that even though you buy organic products such as chicken broth and other things. The government has the right not to label or change the name of the ingredient MSG if it has less than 50% MSG in the container. What a bunch a crock. This post has really helped me  to be on guard now more when it comes to certain so called “Organic Items”. Read that post, very shocking.  You can find that post No Msg over at the healthyhomeeconimist.

Recently I watched  the movie The Vanishing Of The Bees” and it is really shocking that that state of Americas almonds, nuts and fruit trees are in danger of not being able to  produce. Due to the fact that at an alarming rate tons of bees are dieing off and the government has no idea why! However the speculations are that it is due to a compound that certain bee keepers are feeding the bees and not honey. Along with the fact that pesticides in the environment and GMO'S  a long lasting culprit to a lot of today's environmental food chains as we speak. If you want to learn more you can read Food Renegades post here.

She did an awesome job with breaking it down.

It's critical that change happens now.

Loving the post over at homeschooling heart and mind where she talks about children that are homeschooled and not on grade level. It really helped give a fresh perspective on the issue of grading for me. The whole issue I began homeschooling in the first place was because my son has sensory issues and it caused him problems when it came to learning in the public school system as well as private. I love posts that show that grade level is not an problem, your child can be far ahead in one area, and still needing help in the others. If you have the option on homeschooling you would be able to work on those areas in more depth and take your time.

No worries.  Good stuff.

How about you, how has your Saturday been so far?





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Hello, my beautiful ones, I basically wanted to post and let you know that I have made a new video on my updated hair regimen.  As my hair gets longer, I have come to realization that I love trying new products.   Especially all natural products at that.

What I have discovered is that my hair type tends to love the same basic simple ingredients.Such as honey, aloe Vera,  natural oils, butters, cream and oil based shampoos.  When I use products that tend to have at least most or all of these ingredients my hair does really well.  So when I do decide to purchase products to try out on my hair, I always go for the ones that have these essentials right at the op of the list.

Part one of the video will explain in more detail for you.


Products listed include:

Giovanni Direct Leave In – Absolute Fave for a leave in,  I have yet to find a better one.

Griffin Remedy Shampoo.

Curl Junkies Deep Fix

Terresentials Product Line

Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner – Alikay Naturals

Oyin Handmade Hemp and Honey Conditioner

Jane Carter Nourish and Shine.