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Cleaning with VinegarVinegar is the superhero of “green” household cleaning products. You can use it in various ways to keep your house sparkling clean. Using white distilled vinegar as an all-around cleaner is preferable to store bought harsh, toxic chemical blends because it is safe to use.

One reason some people may steer clear of using vinegar is because of the not so pleasant aroma. Well, you don’t have to worry because even though it doesn’t smell too good when you’re using it when it dries there no smell at all!


Cleaning with Vinegar

Windows & Mirrors – Fill a 16 oz. spray bottle with ½ vinegar and ½ water to clean windows and mirrors then wipe down with newspaper for a streak-free shine.

Dishwasher – To help remove the film left over from your dishwasher soap you can fill your rinse dispenser with vinegar and your dishes will come out squeaky clean.

Refrigerator & Counter Tops – Keeping a spray bottle on hand filled with ½ vinegar and ½ water makes it easy to grab to clean the counter tops. Use it to clean out the refrigerator on a regular basis too. You won’t have to worry about using this solution around your food because it is non-toxic and all natural.

Coffee Pot – To keep your coffee pot free from nasty buildup, use a full pot of straight vinegar and run through a normal brew cycle. Then run two regular pots of water through the brew cycle. Do this once a month and your coffee pot will thank you.

Underarm Stains – To get rid of these unsightly stains many people just throw the shirt away but you don’t have to. Use full strength vinegar in a spray bottle to soak the stained areas. Leave in for 15-20 minutes before washing as usual and you should be rid of the underarm stains and any associated odor.

Fabric Softener – You can use vinegar in place of your normal fabric softener in the rinse cycle for the same (or better) effect for a lot less.

Toilet – pour in 1 cup of full strength vinegar, leave it for 10 minutes and clean as usual. Your bowl will be clean and fresh.

Tub/Shower – Use vinegar, the half and half mixture in a spray bottle, to keep your shower clean. Just grab it when you’re done showering and spray down the shower, tub and shower curtain, let it dry and voila! Even when cleaning around babies’ bath toys, you won’t have to worry if any get on them because it’s safe to use.

These are just some of the uses for vinegar to make your home green clean!


How do you clean with Vinegar?



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There so much hoopla about why you should not co sleep and how it can be harmful to the baby, and cause your kids to not want to sleep on their own beds when they get older.

Hey, I'm a co sleeper and love it! I grew up co sleeping with my own mom and grandma so  it only seems natural to pass it on to my kids.  Co sleeping draws families together and creates that closeness that bonds each family individual.

Co sleeping for some families is where they have one bed in which they all sleep in it. However, each of my children has their own room, or they share one. For all of their own things.  However, if the kiddies don't feel like sleeping in their own room one night, I don't force them not to, I can lay with them in their own bed, or a lot the times the little ones sleep with us, even the dog…..

co sleeping


It is a controversial topic that is gaining more and more support. I chose to co-sleep because it something that I grew up doing. Than when I had my own children , it was easier to breastfeed the babies and get some rest all at the same time.

There are many arguments against co-sleeping, however one could easily find fault with these arguments.  Many of the arguments address potential problems, such as not sleeping with your child if you have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not allowing a toddler to sleep next to an infant, and not sleeping with your child if you suffer from sleeping disorders.  These obstacles are rare or can be overcome with a little creativity or planning.

Most parents who do choose to co-sleep are very responsible adults who choose to sleep with their children to reap the many positive benefits, such as the bond it creates between a parent and a child, the positive sleep pattern it allows into their lives, the ease of breastfeeding a child in the middle of the night.  All of these things paint a wonderful picture of a positive parenting relationship between parent and child.

Co-sleeping is a natural way of taking care of our children that our ancestors did for many years.  The mothers of children for many years even carried their children around with them throughout the day, never allowing their infant to even leave the comfort and closeness of their bodies during the daytime, much less during the night.  This begs the question, “If it’s not broke, why fix it?”  If this process worked for so many years before us, then why do we question it so quickly today?

Co-sleeping might not work for everyone, but it is definitely something that should be considered as a positive parenting technique and as an opportunity for a restful nights sleep to be had by all.  If you do decide to co-sleep especially with an infant, there are some precautions to consider.  Do not use heavy bedding, as the infant can suffocate.  Do not allow the infant to sleep on the outer edge where falls can occur.  Investing in bed rails might be a good idea.  Make sure your mattress is on the firm side so that the surface your baby sleeps on is as level as possible. This will help everyone get a restful sleep if they are not tossed when the person next to them turns.

I co sleep and luv it, I think the dog does too!



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The Summer has already began, and I have been hitting the beach with the family. Soaking up the sun and enjoying the time in the water. I'm not that great at swimming  I do plan to get better at that really soon.

However, when it comes down to hanging out at the beach or at any event that requires you to show a little skin. You want to be in shape right? Well I do. I work out all the time, but lately I have just been bored with my routines, it seems to be the same oh, same oh. The other part is that with the kids home now indefinitely. I am forced to get creative and find new ways to incorporate fitness into my daily schedule.

That is why when I heard about the Green Fitness Challenge I was all over it. I love new challenges and they always seem to get me revved up again. When you have four small boys and lots to do, it can be hard to get motivated to work out.

The go green fitness challenge was started by and hosted by 30 well respected green bloggers to bring awareness to natural living and fitness. The main goal is to motivate and inspire many to get their booty up and work out.

One important reason for me doing this is because according to the U.S. Center of Disease Control 50% of women 20 years or older  are obese and more than half of these women are of  the minority such as blacks and  Hispanics. What a reality check ! This epidemic is something serious and deserves the attention that it is getting now. I know how important it is to fight of obesity, because it touches home with me since my own mom struggles with her weight and adult onset diabetes.  I encourage her all the time to be as healthy as she can because if she lost a certain amount of weight her diabetes would go away.

The go green fitness challenge would be  a boost for  her and I  to help her  become healthy.

So how do I Plan to combat the issue and take the next step. With my goal of staying( I say staying because I am already active, but I have become dormant in my activities) physically active and in shape.  We'll over the next couple of weeks I will be posting my progress and the little steps I take to get up and moving.

Some of the tools that I will be using will be pretty simple, such as fitness DVDs , dumbbells I already have, my Fitness Ball and Treadmill. I do have a membership to a dance studio to get some extra cardio , so I will be trying to incorporate all that into my routine.

The main thing that I will be using starting with week one is using my membership to Trainwithmeonline. This site has a ton of videos, print outs and workout routines that you can do from the comfort of your own home or at the gym. With out the assistance of a personal trainer. This community gives results!

You can join for free or you could sign up for about $5.00 a month to use the whole thing, it surely worth it.

So for week one:

What will you be doing to get in shape and get your booty moving? I would love to know.










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beautyNow today in modern society where everything is pretty much big business and all about how to make a buck. We are constantly bombarded with ads in magazines and on television how we can find beauty in a bottle. They always seem to have some sort of way to fix this or make that.

They make money hand over fist selling products to us that are “supposed” to make us look more youthful, give us softer looking skin, hide our imperfections, and make us look like a supermodel. But they are not so forthright in telling us that their products are full of chemical ingredients that can do more harm to us than good. Looking younger in the moment is just not worth it though when you may eventually get cancer because the skincare products you were using contained carcinogenic chemicals. For beautiful skin and good health on the inside as well we need to rediscover natural skincare ingredients and products. Your skin is your biggest organ and it needs to be treated with care.

If you really care about your health from the inside out, then you must make a resolve to get rid of conventional products and start using organic and natural ingredients in your beauty routines. Here are some easy ways to go natural:

1. Keep your skin healthy from the inside with a healthy diet. Also drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and impurities. Water is an internal shower for your body so make sure to drink your eight to ten glasses a day. Water helps to give you clear eyes, a radiant complexion and helps to flush out all those nasty toxins while keeping your cells healthy.

2. Use Natural oils and natural moisturizers that won't clog your pores. Essential oils are composed of tiny molecules which are easily dissolved into the human skin.. This will allow them to penetrate the skin easily and work into the body by mixing with the fatty tissue. Some great oils to use include jojoba oil, coconut oil and my favorite is Grape seed Oil. This oil is Awesome for combination skin and anyone with sensitive skin.

3. Coconut oil is a great all natural moisturizer for skin, but my favorite is pure Shea butter for mixed with either jojoba oil or grape seed oil. I just tend to mix them together and apply them after a bath. Love it love it. .

Natural Skincare

4. Skip washing your hair everyday with shampoos that contain sulfates and parabens and instead use no poo shampoos and conditioners. This method is proven to work well on curly and straight hair. As sulfates tend to dry your hair out and strip of its natural oils.

5. To wash make-up off just rub some olive oil onto your face and wipe off with a soft, dry rag that will exfoliate your face as well. Microfiber cloths are particularly nice for cleansing the face.

6. I use cotton balls to apply my toner which is usually just grape seed oil which is my toner and moisturizer all in one. It is full of fatty acids and vitamins like A, C, and E.

7. Try your hand at making your own skin care products with easy ingredients like salt, sugar, oatmeal, milk, honey, olive oil, or avocado oil. They are cost effective and you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. You don’t need a chemistry degree to create beauty products of your own.

In fact a great book to get you started is  Organic Body Care Recipes this book this is a great  starter  book to learning about the natural health benefits of making your own natural beauty products, and how to make your own. I refer to this book time and time again to make my own handmade bath and body products.

organic body care recipes

8. Dry brush your body to exfoliate your skin and slough off dead skin cells. This is a centuries old practice that is still used by many today.

9. When purchasing products read the labels carefully and only buy products with recognizable ingredients, organic if possible, without parabens or fragrance.

10. Get some sun every day but not too much. Your skin needs sunlight for optimum health but staying out to long and damaging your skin isn’t good either so strike a balance and wear protective clothes and a big sun hat if you can instead of using chemical sunscreens.

I hope that all these tips can help you get started taking more natural steps towards a more natural hair and beauty care.

Check out this great Video on the Story Of Cosmetics.

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Resting BeautyThere are many chemical ingredients to avoid in skincare products,

Many women today use a wide range of skincare products. These products might include cleansers, moisturizers, toners, and shampoos and they might be used several times a day throughout most of their adult life. Women have come to rely on these products and spending on them has reached unbelievable levels. But do most women ever take the time to read the ingredients listings on these beauty products? Do they know what they are using and if they might be putting potentially dangerous ingredients on their bodies? Most women probably do not. It may never occur  to them that ingredients considered unsafe might even be used in the products offered to consumers.

Unfortunately, there are many skincare products on the market that have questionable and dangerous ingredients. Some of these ingredients include synthetic fragrances, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS, Phthalates, and Parabens.

But what are they and why should they be avoided?

Parabens are preservatives put into beauty products to extend their shelf life. They have no benefit to us…only the manufacturing company. They do in fact have adverse effects for us though, including estrogenic qualities. They have produced abnormal hormonal effects following application on laboratory animals, particularly males, that resulted in decreased testosterone levels and other varied abnormalities. They have also been found to accumulate in the breast tissue of women with breast cancer.

For more information on Parabens Click Here to  read Not Just a Pretty Face, I got the book a while back and it explains in great detail about the chemicals we are putting on our bodies on a regular basis.

Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds that are basically used as plasticizers (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility). It is hard to imagine that we need plasticizers in our skincare products but you can find them in cosmetics, soaps, and various lotions. High Phthalates doses have shown hormonal activity in animal studies and have resulted in damage to the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, and the developing testes.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS for short is an ingredient that gives a product like a shampoo or facial cleanser its foaming ability. Most people equate cleaning ability with the amount of suds or bubbles created, so companies use SLS to give us the impression that it is an effective cleanser. SLS is a known skin irritant and when companies test new healing ointments or crèmes, SLS is the irritant they first rub on the skin to irritate it so they can then see how well their new product works to heal the inflammation. SLS can infiltrate the eyes, brain, heart, and liver with potentially harmful effects according to the journal of the American College of Toxicology. SLS can cause rashes, eczema and other skin irritations. Even more shocking is the fact that some products containing this ingredient are labeled as “natural” or organic because SLS is a detergent derived from coconut oil.

Synthetic perfumes or fragrances can contain hundreds of chemicals. Some, such as methylene chloride are carcinogenic and others might cause headaches, dizziness, coughing, vomiting and skin irritation.

These ingredients hardly sound beneficial or even appropriate for our skin care needs. So what can you do to avoid these dangerous ingredients? First, read the ingredients labels carefully and search for them online to do some research into negative effects. Find out exactly what they are and what they do before you put them on your skin. Second, find reputable companies that offer organic and 100% natural products. This may be a tall order since there is no regulation for organic bath and body products in most countries. Ask around and you will be able to isolate ethical companies using safe ingredients. Third, try making some of your own skincare products. When you make your own you know exactly what is in them and you can feel comfortable that they are safe.

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