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So with the new year and with my new fitness goals, I am pushing myself to get into shape and regain my physical strength back. One way that I love to workout is at home. If you're a mom and if you work outside the home, sometimes it can be hard going to the gym, heck it's hard to even find time to go to the gym!

That is why I love working out with youtube fitness channels, for one many of them are free and you don't have to pay a subscription for. I remember growing up and fitness shows would come on in the morning in 30-minute intervals, and if you missed the show. Well too bad you were not able to record it and if you wanted to continue working out you had to buy some sort of fitness DVD. But not these days you can just stream all your fitness shows on the Roku, chrome cast or even your amazon firestick.

I have amazon prime, so I am able to view a lot of the fitness videos for free too!

I will have to say that youtube has some of the best youtube fitness channels hand's down compared to many! 😉

All you really need is some basic equipment like dumbbells, a workout mat, kettlebell and maybe even a jump rope. Who needs the gym right in the beginning when you can really start getting in shape right at home with youtube fitness channels.

Here are 20 of my favorite youtube channels for fitness that I love to workout with.


Popsugar Fitness – Is one my favorite youtube fitness channels it features all sorts of new and advanced workout videos. These are not just beginner workouts but a little bit of something from the new to the more advanced at working out.

BodyFitByAmy – Another of my top favorites, Amy works out in her own home and does some serious kick your butt weightlifting and all over body type fitness stuff. Your body will love working out with Amy.

TheFitnessMarshall If you're into dance and sort of good at it like I am.. Then you will love the fitness marshall. He has some fun really quick workout sessions that will leave you in a sweat. But don't worry the fitness marshall will walk you through each step, step by step. Literally!

Gymra  A collection of fitness videos all dedicated to different parts of the body, one might be only legs while another one only arms and some full body. Great for an all around workout routine.

Revfitrev Is a fitness studio that is all about empowering women to get in shape and have fun while working out. Many of their videos are short and low impact and are really great to get into. So fun.

Shinedancefitness –  One of my favorites for warming up with, they have tons of great dance workout videos that walk you through each move step by step and easy to do. So no worries, anyone can dance with Shine dance fitness.

Toneitup – Is a great one and who does not like the cool meal plans they have and the awesome girly workouts that vary for all levels. Tone it up brings the fun to working it out.

Bodyrocktv – Now if you're really adventurous and really can go the route and push yourself than Body rock t.v. just might work for you. This girl has some real abs of steel. I would love to have some Abs like that!

Sid vicious Ok, so by now you know I love to dance, this girl is the truth and my total go to fitness channel when I really want to move and shake my but.

Fitness Blender- Is a total all around mash up of fun family friendly fitness videos with health and food tips along the way.

Befit -Features full-length workout videos from some of the most well know, like jane Fonda, Denise Austin, and Jillian Michaels

Bodyproject  a mixture of low impact and advanced circuit training workouts.

Superherofitnesstv– Dance, dance and this is Keira lashae does. Dancing is my favorite pastime and quickest way to lose weight.

Tiffanyrotheworkouts – A new one to me and this woman is in so much shape, I love it.

Xhit Another new one to me that features a ton of new age techniques like pilates and outdoor fitness.

Jessicasmithtv Is a great youtube fitness channel that also features full-length workout videos.

Supersistefitness-  One I just found about and now I am hooked on their fun at home quick and simple workout videos.

Sarahfittv – A great one stop shop for fitness videos and getting health.

Fitness Beauty – An eclectic arrangement of Fitness videos by Tracy Anderson that uses a mixture of body weight and dance moves to help with getting fit.

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