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I recently had the chance this weekend, to attend the Orlando's very own Natural Hair and beauty Workshop. Located in sunny Orlando, Florida located close to Disney. This event was one surely I was not going to miss, being that I live quite close to this event

I did not want to miss one!

Natural Hair is becoming quite the niche and one that is quickly taking notice by the mainstream, although still quite small in numbers it is one movement that is really big in thought  with a ton of heart.

The whole weekend was full of workshops , shows and vendors showcasing their products. It was truly was great display of beauty, knowledge and unity among the naturalistas. Making it all the more memorable.

I had the chance to meet and hang out with Awesome Yirissi of the naturaliste, adorable Moon of and the fabulous Alicia James. An Incredible singer and songwriter with amazing vocals.

I also had the chance to meet and discuss all natural Makeup with Kim Roxie one of the co-founders of the all Natural Beauty Company Lamik. Kim is one smart chick, with an eye for beauty. She gave me a kick butt eye defining session showing me a couple of pointers on how to make my brown eyes pop!

Stay Tuned for the next  post with a in depth review of the company Lamik.

Truly a Gem!

The Natural Hair and beauty workshop in Orlando was wonderful and I am glad I got the chance to go. If you had the chance to go I would love to know what you thought about the event if you had the chance to attend.

Great Event!

Check Out my Video Below on some the cool Items I picked up!