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I recently had the chance to come across an awesome kick-starter that is being raised to help the Sweet-blackberry organization to raise money to bring to light some truly remarkable stories about African American people. This whole concept is so cool to me, I remember being a little girl and hearing my grandmother tell me stories about how she grew up and things she learned along the way. I use to love just sitting there and having her pat my body really softly and tell me plenty of stories her history.

Story telling is one thing, I know was huge in the African american households a couple of generations back, since we did not have anyway to document our history, many African Americans would pass down their family legacy through stories, that their parents told them and so forth.

Which is why I totally support what the Sweet Blackberry organization is doing, it is bringing back to light the stories of many African Americans who went on to to do many great things and contributed to the growth of this country as a whole.

Sweet Blackberry is doing what many schools have not done and probably will never do, that is to tell us the many great stories of African American history in America. It sort of reminds me of  Life Upon These Shores by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  Which are stories of  African American history in America. Which is a  Phenomenal book and I recommend you read it if you get a chance too. However sweet-blackberry breaks it down in puts it into a way that children would receive it very easily.

I'm not too sure if it will be in book format just yet but I do know right now in its beginning stages it is in DVD form.

Karyn Parsons who used to play Hillary on Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is the founder of Sweet Blackberry and I am so glad she is doing something like this. It will help parents and schools to give children a more rounded education into all cultures.

I think it is something totally worth looking into too, if your a parent, homeschooling mom and would love to teach your children about all types of history. 😉

Good Stuff!! 😉

To learn more you can can Visit Sweet Blackberry for more information.


Sweet Blackberry Intro from karyn parsons on Vimeo.





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You know the past couple of months, I've been dealing with an issue.  Late April, well the day of my Birth my husband ended up getting into a serious car accident. He was coming home from an event that night with his friends. It was also raining outside which did not help the fact at all that he had a couple of drinks. He ended up hitting a pothole, tried to over correct the steering wheel and ended up going head first into an oak tree. I woke early the next morning with phone calls coming in about my husband in the emergency room and that he has to go into surgery.

After I took myself a shower, packed the kids bags. I rushed over to my mother in laws house who just happen to stay  literally right down the street from the hospital that my husband was at. I can tell you one thing it helps to live close to a hospital, and have a mother in law who just retired.

However, I left the kids and went to the hospital to check on my husband and figure out what was going on.  To my surprise he was a little responsive which was a good thing, since usually in times like this I thought he would be freaking out, but he was managing even in spite of what he just went through.

After speaking to the doctors and my husband, who at this moment was still in the ER,  had a dislocated hip on the right side. The doctors had to pop it back in place. Although that was not all he also fractured his hip on that side and would have to go into surgery.

To cut the whole story short,  he spent a whole week in the hospital, in so much pain. Not able to walk or do anything for himself.  Mad at himself and at mad at the world.  My husband could have died that night along with his friend who was in the car. Who just happened to be wearing his seat belt.

He only suffered a broken hand and wrist.

Thank God for that, because man. I know he was looking out.

Ryan, came home from the hospital not able to walk or even able to bathe him self. He also has drop foot with some feeling. Not totally bad , but he will have to go through physical therapy.

To try to regain some of the nerve sensation back.

One thing I can say, is it has been a roller coaster of emotions and try to figure out what to do next. It really make you put things into perspective and realize that sometimes things will not always be a smooth riding roller coaster.  He is the main breadwinner in the family and having that taken away for awhile. Really make you buckle down and appreciate the simple things.  We had to cut out a lot things and really just get by.  With him home and until he gets better and able to actually able to walk again without the need of   crutches or a walker.

My kids will have to go to school for a least the next year  and not be home schooled. This is not a decision that has not been taken lightly with me because I love my kids staying home with me. However, I have to place them in school.

I did find a private school that follow the living books methodology and will be placing them there. Very small class size and I'm sure they will do fine.  As far as for  me I will be taking care of home the husband and focusing on my online ventures to help with the family expenses.

You know in life the saying.


If  life  throws you a lemon – make lemonade.

 ~Joan Collins




Well that is Indeed what I  plan to do.








I hope you enjoyed the pic! We ended up taking the kids to beach for the week, on a family vacation trip. In which we get free 7 days to stay each year. I'll say it was just what the doctored ordered after all of this.




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Reading over the summer


You guys ever have that feeling that what you are doing is not enough. Well I had that question this past week. I started to wonder if what I was doing was going to be enough or even up to the standards of other people.

I started to feel as I was not good enough, if what the schools are doing might be better that what I can do, although I know in my heart and soul that only I can do it right.

You ever, go through the motions and ups and downs of life, of not feeling pretty, not feeling organized enough, and feeling just not capable of getting it right.

Yeah……that’s how I’ve been feeling.

The sad part about it is that I had allowed people that are close to me to seep these thoughts into my head, without me even thinking about it.

I had one person, I won’t say any names, tell me that:

“My kids need to be around more kids and not just around their own siblings all the time because they need more socialization”.

Really, they need more socialization, my kid’s get plenty of that, were not stuck in the house like a family of hermits, although I wouldn't mind that.

I wish people would realize that the proper form of socialization, does not mean you have to have some sort of mandatory schooling just to get the right form of socialization. Or, your just not right.

Bull –crock right!

I even had another person call me for advice, educational and nutritional advice for their kids and themselves. Than as the call progressed they started to tell me that I need to make sure my kids are on level, make sure they don’t get behind. Make sure they get tested!

As if tested is the only way to truly gage that kids are learning. As if I would not know just by teaching them…….I mean duh right….. .


Come on now, I would not be homeschooling my kids if I would just let them loaf around and not learn anything.

I mean really, some people really assume, that I am not capable of homeschooling my kids. It really irks me, yeah it really pisses me off. To the point where I want to say some really mean things about their kids, and how their not on level or even close and they went to school.

Go figure right…….

Bust instead I let the stress of life get to me and started to question myself.

Than I had the chance to read this beautiful post over at simplehomeschool, which told me to

“Stop looking for perfection in others and seeing only flaws in yourself. We are all imperfect. Crop out what isn’t working in your life and celebrate what is.”


It really helped me to put things into perspective and appreciate what I am doing, and to stop worrying about what others think.  Or how I raise my kids.

One fellow home school you tuber put it this way for me, by saying that after all our kids are our kids….. right. Not their kids. They mean well but only you can know what is best for your own kids.


You know what, I do.











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Reading over the summer

Well the summer has arrived and many parents that are homeschooling their kids are taking the summer off. I plan on doing a mixture a both. I decided that the first two weeks the kids will have off. They will also have one week each month to go to a summer camp and be around other kids and do some fun things. Which are both educational and fun!

This is my first year homeschooling, so I did not want to burn myself out, or make my kids feel like they will not have much of a summer by constantly doing school like things.

So we came to agreement, on incorporating reading, writing, math, into the weeks of summer with out it feeling monotonous or drudgery.

Like I said before, the first two weeks will be off to do whatever. Than after that we will do a little bit of math, writing and reading school related things every other day. Not a whole lot, just enough to keep them moving. Kids have to know that reading is a lifelong thing and should be embraced. They will have silent reading everyday to themselves, and of course I will still read to them everyday out of our readers that I have chosen as a group thing.

Reading as family is fun, and the kids love it. They learn all at the same time without even knowing it!

The reader that  I am reading to them right now is the Who was Albert Eienstein book. If you have not read any of these books they are so cool. This is my first one from the series in which they have a ton.  The kids are ready to dive in, they are both educational and based on real historical people through out history.

I picked up a couple at a Scholastic Book fair in my neighborhood recently, If you have not been to one you should go. You can visit their site to get the info and get a fast pass. Which allows you get a ton of books at less than wholesale value.

Such a steal!

You can visit Scholastic Here!

Anyhow, lets get back to the point. It is important to keep our children's brains active over the summer months, so they don't lose their place in academics. This is big one for me, since I have son that I brought home to home school since he was getting behind, really behind in comprehending things at the school rate of doing things.

Studies have shown that children fall three months behind in the learning progress they've made when they don't do anything in the summer to keep up. Staying academically active in the summer doesn't have to be dry and boring, though. There are many creative ways to keep the wheels in your child's brains rolling!

One thing that we have incorporated into our spiritual reading activities is to read the story first than right after once a week we dress up and act out the story like a play. The kids not only love it, it uses all multiple intelligences of learning which leaves a lasting imprint on the child's mind.

Next, take turns where the kids get practice in reading out loud to the family, this teaches them proper public speaking along with learning how to pace themselves through their reading out loud for a crowd.

Second have the children work together on writing books of their creative initiative. Use note-booking to help them with this . Note-booking is one thing that we have been using more and  more the past couple of months. They are  learning how to read, write,and create all at the same time.

Third, use computer based programs to keep the kids active with reading. My youngest two are using Reading eggs and ABC Mouse  to keep up with reading , their having  fun and learning which is the whole point. I will have a review up soon on Reading Eggs.

We Love it!

Children can get together with a small group of friends and write a storybook. They can do so in a round robin way, where each child writes some and then passes it to the next for their turn. Or they can collaborate as they go along. When they are finished writing the story, they can work on some illustrations. They might even have fun finding pictures in magazines to use for the illustrations. They can put it all together with some cardboard pieces for the book cover. They will probably need your help with that part, as it will be hard to cut. When it is all done, they can take turns keeping the book each weekend to show grandparents and whoever else they would like to show it off to.

And of course, don't forget your public library's summer reading program. It is a great initiative to keep your kids interested in books. They can choose their own books to read for the programs and that is a big deal. It is not only fun for the child, but, it really helps to keep their desire to read going strong. The child who is always told exactly what to read sees it as nothing more than a chore. The library's programs usually all have prizes for certain numbers of books read – and then main prizes at the end of the program. And a lot of the programs have a kick-off party and a party for when it's over, too.

One program that we are getting to read is Pizza Huts Book It program.  That is going to be in the Fall though.

We don't eat a lot of bought pizza around here, only homemade but every now and than I give in to the kids and their dad's selfish cravings. Right…

So many kids fall behind, just from the gaps that happen over the accumulated summers. It can be really hard to catch up when school starts back up in the fall and by the time the child reaches middle school, they may be several grades behind in reading alone.

Which is something that I dealing with right now with my oldest son.

We don't have to make kids' summers all work and no play, but, keeping their brains in operation is imperative for them to  learn that learning is fun and life long.



By the way Reading Eggs does offer a Free Trial  which is what I used before I signed up for the year. Totally worth it! You can find the offer here Reading EGGS!

ABC Mouse also offer a  Free Trial and offer where you are able to Add up three kids for the price of one! Huge deal you can check that out here! ABC Mouse!



What sort of things are you doing to keep your kids reading over the Summer?

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Today has been a good day so far, I got to get out with the boys and finish up the spring season of their soccer league. The kids did really well with it being the first time they ever played soccer. My oldest hates soccer, I think the coming new year he will be on the swim team down the street. Austin my middle child loves the game, that is the one thing he constantly thinks about. I tell you he is always kicking that ball around the house and breaking something. From sun up to sun down that is one thing that he truly loves, is that soccer ball.

I'm glad that they got the chance to see what it feels like to follow through on something and hang in there to get the reward, with four boys doing practice twice a week and games. Man I almost gave up at once. But it was all worth the effort. I'll be able to add that to my list of recreation that the kids participated in this year for home school.

However, that its not the only thing to talk about. I have been reading quite a couple of posts around the blogosphere since the weekend started.

One thing that really caught my attention was the the fact that even though you buy organic products such as chicken broth and other things. The government has the right not to label or change the name of the ingredient MSG if it has less than 50% MSG in the container. What a bunch a crock. This post has really helped me  to be on guard now more when it comes to certain so called “Organic Items”. Read that post, very shocking.  You can find that post No Msg over at the healthyhomeeconimist.

Recently I watched  the movie The Vanishing Of The Bees” and it is really shocking that that state of Americas almonds, nuts and fruit trees are in danger of not being able to  produce. Due to the fact that at an alarming rate tons of bees are dieing off and the government has no idea why! However the speculations are that it is due to a compound that certain bee keepers are feeding the bees and not honey. Along with the fact that pesticides in the environment and GMO'S  a long lasting culprit to a lot of today's environmental food chains as we speak. If you want to learn more you can read Food Renegades post here.

She did an awesome job with breaking it down.

It's critical that change happens now.

Loving the post over at homeschooling heart and mind where she talks about children that are homeschooled and not on grade level. It really helped give a fresh perspective on the issue of grading for me. The whole issue I began homeschooling in the first place was because my son has sensory issues and it caused him problems when it came to learning in the public school system as well as private. I love posts that show that grade level is not an problem, your child can be far ahead in one area, and still needing help in the others. If you have the option on homeschooling you would be able to work on those areas in more depth and take your time.

No worries.  Good stuff.

How about you, how has your Saturday been so far?