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This past weekend the family and I got a chance to get away this weekend and spend some time with each other. Which was very much needed after coming off a very long week, and also being that it was the end of spring break for the kiddo's. To top it off we were not able to go anywhere during the week except  the backyard pool.  Which is given during the spring and summer time here at our house.

My family and I love to travel but since my husbands car accident this time last year money has been tight and really has us counting our pennies down to the last dollar, just to save a few.  However, that is a whole different topic all in it self.

I stay in Central Florida so its no surprise that the beach is not that far away for me to just pack up and head to the beach for a day and drive back home. However, it is much more fun we you can plan it out and drive up there and stay on the beach. Eat some dinner, take the kiddo's to breakfast and just lounge by the pool! Better yet when you can walk along the shore of the beach and do some natural Earthing(picking up all on those electromagnetic energy 😉 )

You can learn more about that by reading the book. 😉

 perrys daytona beach resort

We had a convention this weekend that we went to right in Daytona, Beach Fl so it was the perfect time to pack up and just stay the night. I had to find a hotel room at the last moment however. Which is hard to since it is still spring break for the next couple of weeks. This past weekend trying to find a room for a Saturday night stay was sooo hard.

To say the least……  ;-(

At the last moment when I was about to give up, while I was looking on I was able to find a room. That would accommodate a family of 6. When you have a large family you need a suite with a kitchen, A pull out bed at least double beds. We usually get two room suites when staying more than three days somewhere.

But for times like this when you only want to stay a night or two, and in a pinch anything will do.

We lucked out on Perrys Ocean Side Beach Resort in Daytona, Beach Florida.  Perry's Ocean Side Beach Resort was great! Very family friendly with a breakfast diner right next door with affordable prices. All though in the suite itself you will have a kitchen with a dinette set.

There is even a beach store and grocery store right across the street directly in front the resort. Perry's has two large clean pools, a Tiki Bar and even a kiddie pool! Plenty of patio furniture with grills located outside facing the beach for you to grill with your family.





We were a little nervous staying here at fist since it was last minute planning. However, I will say since it is so family friendly and spacious and I know that it will be a spot we will return to time and time again.

If you want to pack up and stay at a Daytona beach kid friendly Resorts , than Perry's is a spot you might want to look at in Daytona, Beach Fl.

Our total Stay was less than 230.00 for the night, which is not bad since everything was booked and it is Spring Break!




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