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You ever just have those days when you're just feeling like really blah and not really wanting to do anything at all. Or that whole week when you are just floating around but not really there at all?

Well that is how I have been for the past week and not really knowing why, until I had to sit back and take a breather. Our washer went out earlier in the week and boy let me tell you, that is not a good thing when you have 4 small kids and 2 adults living at home with you. I have been running around like a mad woman making sure everything's complete around the home. However, at the same time I have forgotten to take some time out for myself.

Trying to be super woman and all that excellent stuff, I ended up stressing myself out with out even knowing what I was doing. It finally hit me hard when I was at the laundry building close to my home. And I started reading a page out of natural living magazine about mediation. On how taking the time to practice it on a regular basis can have great benefits on your health.

Boy oh boy did I feel like someone just dropped kicked me forcing me to listen.

I'm not someone who does not mediate in fact I have been doing it my whole life and realized that as a little girl. That I could zone out and be in complete total awareness of my bodily actions. By taking a lot of deep breaths and really just letting my brain and body come into to harmony with each other. I have been able to and still been able to reduce stress and have a calm demeanor.

However, with all the running around and getting things ready for our trip to hawks Kay resort this week. I sort of lost sight of my own methods of remaining calm and just going with the flow.

Tonight was my breaking point; I realized that I cant go too long without some time out for myself. I had to break myself down and found myself about to cry for no apparent reason, but then again that could just be hormones. So when my husband got home I ran to the shower, washed my hair and took a long hot shower while playing one of favorite Chrissette Michelle's CDs in the background!


It was just what I needed a little me time you know, some down time where I could just disconnect for a minute and focus on my thoughts and be one with myself.

That shower was just what the doctor ordered, a one and half shower at that.

Even though the kids were trying to come in, they were ok with their father. I needed that alone time, just some time to really relax and get back to me.

After it was all done, I felt re-energized and ready for the next day!

The importance of Downtime Post has really come in handy for me today and is a superior read if you are looking for some helpful tips on how to have your own downtime.

So what about you, what do you do when you have those days or weeks where you feel like you just have to totally disconnect and get back to you?