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Homemade Natural Stain Remover


There are many different ways to make and use homemade natural stain removers, I tend to buy them most of the time. However, when you are short on time and want really need a quick solution to get a stain out of your clothes or anything else in your house. You might want to try mixing coconut oil with a solution to help rid the stain loose. Coconut oil is great for so many uses, and can really help to loosen up stains in a short period of time.

If you have a stain on your carpet, rug, or clothing, you might be trying to use a store-bought product to remove the stain. Not only are these not always the most effective method, but they often contain harsh ingredients you might not want on your body or in your home. A better option is to turn to natural stain removers, such as those listed here.


Homemade Basic Stain Remover Spray:

This first natural stain remover only contains a few simple ingredients in order to help you get rid of stains on clothing or other fabrics without using any harsh ingredients. You can put the finished mixture in a spray bottle and keep it in your laundry room. Spray stains before putting clothes or linens in the washer, and it should work great.

For the simplest recipe, you just need some natural soap, such as Dr. Bronners Sal Suds, water, and coconut oil, plus a spray bottle. Combine the ingredients in the bottle, then spray it on the stains before washing.

Other Ingredients to Use

You can also use a variety of other natural ingredients to make your own stain remover spray. You may find your own formula that works best for you and want to keep it a secret, or you can find a combination that people often like to use. Here are some of the best options for natural ingredients when talking about a stain remover:

* Baking Soda
* Vinegar
* Hydrogen Peroxide
* Natural Soap
* Coconut Oil
* Lemon Juice
* Oxygen Bleach

When you are putting together your very own natural stain remover, make sure you are careful about it and that you don’t test it on a large piece of fabric or clothing. Test it on something like a towel first to make sure it doesn’t change the color of the material or cause other bad reactions.

Once you have made your natural stain remover with coconut oil and other natural ingredients, make sure you never rub the stain. Whether it is in carpet, your clothing, or linens, blotting should always be done. If you catch the stain following a spill when it is wet, blot it dry with paper towels first. You can then spray the stain and blot it once more. The only exception is when it is on clothing you are about to put in the washer. You can apply the stain remover, let it sit for a few minutes, then put it in the washer.

I hope this helps!



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I love using at home acne remedies to treat my acne. Especially home acne remedies that work overnight really fast.  I have always had some sort of skin issue since I was a child and I really need to stop eating to many sweet things. Since I know that to much sugar can cause my skin to flare up more.

However, that is another story all in itself. 😉

One of the ways that I love to help treat my acne issues is to use about a 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar and a one Tablespoon of water with a cotton ball. It's best to use distilled water or  filtered. But whatever you have will do just fine. You will need to make sure you clean your face first and than than dab the cotton ball in the acne solution and dab on your face.

Make sure rub it in pretty thoroughly.

Once you have finished doing that you will need to rinse your face off with some water.You don't want to leave any of the apple cider vinegar smell behind. It's not even that bad but you don't want to keep on smelling it.

Than I like to dry my face and rub coconut oil all over my face at night before I go to bed. The  coconut I leave on my face and I don't rinse it off.

It stays on.





These two are some the fastest acne treatments that I have come across that work fast. It is in my opinion on the best home acne treatments that work fast.

What at home acne treatments do you like to use.

If you even get acne from time to time.

I know I do.  😉





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oil pulling

I recently had the chance to go to the dentist for a normal cleaning and a checkup of my teeth. However, to my dismay, I have a cavity, not one but more than one. I was a little shocked because I have gone through my whole life with out any cavities in my mouth. So I was a little upset, to say the least. I ended up doing a little research on the topic because I eat pretty good and maintain and avoidance of a lot of things.

However, I learned I was not doing enough. In fact, as I look back this past year I have had a lot going on in my life stress wise and everything. You know the normal ups and downs that come with life. But one thing stuck out to me was that I was eating a lot of ice cream late at night, and a lot more processed food than I would usually consume.

This research and back tracking of what went wrong with my nutrition habits was that the sugars I have been consuming late at night were causing a disruption in my body's natural balance. The sugars were not only damaging to my health but pulling the minerals my body needs for optimum health out of my bones.

Because when your body is not getting the nutrients that it needs it starts to pull the mineral out your bones, and even your teeth because your teeth are bone. Which in return can lead to cavities.

However, since I believe in the power of regeneration and the ability of the human body to heal itself. I've learned thanks to Ramiel Nigel Cure Tooth Decay Naturally Book. That our teeth are in a constant state of De-mineralization and Re-mineralization. Ramiel Nigel claims that we can actually cure our tooth problems through what we eat. He also follows the Weston price foundation way of eating, a Traditional Foods Diet that places heavy emphasis on eating the way our fore parents ate.

I actually follow this model, except this year I have eaten way too many sweets, and boy of boy look what happened.

Another thing that I am trying is something called Oil Pulling, and if you never heard of oil pulling it is an age-old remedy that is supposed to help with teeth problems by healing the area that has gone out of balance with the body. Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against dental fillings and work. But why band-aid a problem and not getting to the root of the whole problem, to begin with.

Oil pulling involves placing a variety of oils in your mouth and then swishing around for about 3 – 10 minutes to help with infections, clean out bacteria and help with teeth pain.

Water Flosser

Yesterday, I used about 1/3 cup of coconut oil and olive for my very first Oil Pulling!  Oil pulling with coconut oil is great. I swished the oil around for about 4 minutes than I spat it out. With a very mild rinse, I was good to go. To my surprise, right after that, I have not had any pain from my teeth since, however, I do plan on oil pulling for the next week or so to see what results it could bring.

This is not a permanent fix to the problem but it can help speed up the healing process since coconut oil is high in fatty acids and anti-microbial factors. If you want to learn more about the many uses of coconut Oil than I high suggest you read the Coconut Oil Miracle.

I am currently trying some other things out, such as getting back to my regular eating habits and trying some supplemental bone building vitamins. Truly which are on the cutting edge.

But, I will talk more about that once I test them out for myself.

The Benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil really does go a long way. !