Pevonia Botanica Spa Teen Blemished Skin Mask

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I recently had the chance to try out a new face mask cream on my skin. I have always been prone to skin issues and love trying out new things . I recently had went to the spa and got a micro dermabrasion treatment on my face. Then when I was all the done the woman who was cleaning my skin told me I should try out Spa Teen Blemished Skin Mask By Pevonia Bontanica.

Hey, I'm not new to this I love trying out new products as long as they have good ingredients and will not overly dry, or overly oily my skin. I have combination skin which means my T-zone areas which involves my forehead nose and chin tend to be the oiliest and the rest of my face remains dry. So just trying to find the right products have always been an issue.

But, then again because I love to try out new things.

Anyhow, this mask is supposed to help clear out the blemishes on skin or keep them from recurring as much. I know, I know your probably thinking. If I'm not a teenager than why am I still getting acne. Well some people do and I happen to be one of those people. If I even attempt t to eat some processed food or not so good for you food.

Or have a little stress in my life .

Than I'm breaking out.

Point blank.

So I took the product home and it says that I am supposed to apply the product to clean damp skin, let it dry. Than wash it off with cool water.

We'll that is what I did for a couple of weeks.



The Teen Blemished Skin Mask By Pevonia Bontanica is also organic and paraben free so I felt totally great applying it to my already sensitive combination skin.

As you can see in the picture above, it leaves a off white look and to my surprise it was not heavy at all. I have masks that work really well but they can leave a drying effect on the skin from the hardness that it becomes once it dries.

Teen Blemished skin does not do that in fact it had the opposite effect on my skin, once I rinsed it all off. My skin felt smooth and clean. Not dry at all. But sort of moisturized.

Blemished Skin Mask (1.7 oz.)

Even though, after all that was done I still applied my Grapeseed oil for added over night extra toning and moisture.

Some people will not even need to apply anything at all.

Now did the product help with clearing up my skin issues?

Yes it helped, to a decent degree.

Will I use the product again in the future?

Yes, I plan on using it over and again, it is not the best one that I have tried, but then again my skin is so up and down to a lot of different things. But for the normal person this could be a miracle in bottle for acne prone skin.

I like the product and as of right now. I would purchase it again, because I am curious as to how my skin would behave with long term use of the product.

Teen Blemished Skin Mask By Pevonia Bontanica

  • Contains:
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Chamoile
  • sulfur great for skin
  • zinc oxide
  • kava
  • camphor
  • bark oil
  • lemon peel oil
  • Lime oil

Those are some of the ingredients which it contains.

Teen Blemished Mask for acne, is a decent product and one that I will continue to use.  I will give you guys an update to my progress.

I'm curious to know what are some masks that you use on your skin?

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