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Not too long ago, I had decided to sign up and try out the Ecocentric Mom boxes. Ecocentric boxes are a safe alternative way to try out all natural, organic, chemical free brands on the cheap. As a busy mom and avid shopper,  I love trying out new things. In fact I consider myself a product junkie. There is one thing about the smell of new items that I know are safe for my family and I which really gets me excited.  It could just be my passion that I have always had with natural living.

I know, don't judge me……..

Ecocentric Mom Box


For example according to Ecocentric Mom Box did you know that tricolsan is a hormone disrupting agent that is present in more than 140 types of products from hand soap to  toothpaste, and even children's toys. Which can interfere with brain and reproductive development and lead to learning disabilities and infertility.

I know for a fact that is something I try to avoid if I can, the human body readily absorbs things placed on the skin and ingested. You have to make sure you are protecting  your little ones and your health.

That is why I love Ecocentric Mom box! It is a monthly subscription box packages. That sends you full size samples and modest sizes to try in the comfort of your own home. Ecocentric mom box is basically taking the guess work out of it for you on what you should buy.  It will  save you money in the buying process, because once you are able to try out new product samples you will be equipped in the future to know whether or not you would want to buy that product again or not.

Without Having to buy the whole product, than find out after one use you didn't like it to begin with.


I know I have wasted money plenty of times on things like that.



Ecocentric Mom Boxes, gives you option of subscribing based on what you need. There are three different boxes that you could choose from. The Mom Box, The Mom to Be Discovery box , and the The Baby Discovery Box . The Mom box  is for any mother with little ones to teenagers and beyond.  The mom to be Discovery box is for new to be moms, in which you would receive products based on things you need throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The Baby discovery box will give you all things that are need for the new baby during the first few years.

These boxes are great and loaded with products full of healthy, non-toxic, Eco-friendly, safe products, including skin care; make-up; healthy home; organic non GMO foods, toys,  creams, snacks and treats; fair trade; nutritional and wellness products; spa/pampering items..

I have two boxes so far and I have used many of the products, so some of the items are missing from my boxes. I should of did a review sooner but you know how life gets in the way.

Some of the items in the boxes include:

Tree Hugger – All Natural Bubble Gum

Organic Tisano Chocolate Tea

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews pure natural energy

Candestino Banana Bar with Milk Chocolate

Organic Nectar's Cocoa Bars

Simply Rustic Pumpkin Body Scrub

Lauren Brooks Cosmetics sample which comes with Coupons.

Elma & Sana Pure Organic Argan Oil Moisturizer

Golden Path Alchemy Awaken cleanser

Along with coupons, vouchers to Company's like Green Kid Crafts and Kids conserve!


The second box that I got came with:

A Zents 5 Piece Set

Jamu Coconilla Massage Oil

Simply 7 Snacks Lentil Chips

Pure Matters Pea Protein Chocolate and Vanilla Protein shake

Celtic Complexion Creme

Probar Meal Bar

The Seaweed Bath Co. Lavender Powder Bath

Shakelee Basic  H20 Organic Super Cleansing Concentrate

Purple Prairie Botanicals Tea Tree Bar Soap

Berryplus Laundry  Soap

The list is just full of great products that you would receive, I am very impressed so far with the products so far and can't wait to try out new products and new companies. Luv it!!

Do you use Ecocentric Mom Boxes?



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