If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!So lately, I have really been on this kick to get myself into shape all from my home, and lose some pounds that I’ve gained. I mean I really did not  know I gained some weight, until I got on the scale at the grocery store and it really put things into perspective for me. It took my son to scream out  loud in front of everyone and tell me my weight . Out loud… View Post

I have a little secret to tell and its not a good one. Wanna know what it is? Well I  have not been taking care of my hair like I should have been this past year maybe two. Well almost two. I have been so busy that it is not even funny. I have been a homeschooling two of my kids this year which will go back to three of them this coming school year. Second I have been working with my husband at his business in which we sell… View Post

So recently I have been eating some really good chobani Greek yogurt products. And I tell you what the benefits of eating chobani Greek yogurt can be really good for you. I use to hate Greek yogurt. I always thought it was to thick and it always got stuck on the roof of my mouth for some reason. I did not want nothing to do with Greek yogurt in any such way. Not even cooking with it. However, I will put it in my hair since it has some great… View Post

So you know I have four boys right and these kids love to eat, in fact I love to eat too and always make dishes that my mom made for me growing up with the exception of a little changes. Here and there. One of those cool comfort foods that I always come back too is a Salisbury steak recipe with brown gravy that my mom used to make. I’m not sure if its the traditional way to make Salisbury steak, I just know that I like it and it… View Post

I know I love to get things and purchase things all through out the year not just one time of the year, and being able to get unique gifts is all what I’m about. It keeps things fun and unexpected. Even more so if its all through out the year and not on one day that most people decide  to give gifts. I don’t celebrate Christmas, however I do like to give gifts and get gifts all through out the year. So that Is why uncommon goods surprised me with… View Post