If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!     Being able to have a healthy clear smooth skin is one thing that every person wants. I have always struggled with skin issues with my skin, today I will doing a Diy Egg white honey mask for acne. Eggs are full of proteins and they really do help the body in a whole lot of a facets. One way that it helps the face it that it can really keep the elasticity… View Post

    Cooking meals for my family is one thing I really like and enjoy doing. Especially when I’m able to cook with really great ingredients. Than the meal is really able to come to life. I really love to cook when I am able to make cheap family meals that stretch into more than one meal. With the help of some extra items.  I add to the new meals some more items, but its all worth it in those next few days when your able to just save a… View Post

        You know I’m sitting here and I’m watching t.v. and I’m wondering about the state the world is in these days. So many bad things are happening from cops being shot, to kids being shot, to terrorists attacking many cities. To little kids being hurt around the world in terrorists attacks and many people starving from not having no where to live and food to eat. Just not even having the basic necessitates to get by on the day to day. So sad right…. ;-( Many… View Post

My family and I took a much needed quick getaway this weekend! Some of our best family beach resorts in Florida is to the The Resort on Coco Beach. Yes, and it was right on time too! with the amount of stress we have been going through. If you have a large family like mine than you know how hard it is to travel with kids and finding family friendly hotels or family friendly resorts. It is really something you have to research and look into closely. For one you… View Post

Reading books is one thing that I have always done. In fact finding and sourcing out books Is one thing I really love to do. In fact the library is one spot I always considered fun and an enjoyable place to visit. Just the thought of smelling books old and new really puts warmth in my soul and take me away to a place of total relaxation. I’m that one person that uses all my Barnes and noble coupons and rewards when they come in. Usually through the mail or… View Post