If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!This past week I whipped up one of my favorite Easy blue dressing Recipe that I love to make. Nothing tastes better than making your own homemade salad dressings. When all those tastes combine and flavors blend and harmonize. It just makes for a great  salad dressing.  In fact it could be one my ultimate blue cheese dressing recipe to date. This one can be eaten with hot wings for dipping or on a salad.  … View Post

I love using at home acne remedies to treat my acne. Especially home acne remedies that work overnight really fast.  I have always had some sort of skin issue since I was a child and I really need to stop eating to many sweet things. Since I know that to much sugar can cause my skin to flare up more. However, that is another story all in itself. 😉 One of the ways that I love to help treat my acne issues is to use about a 2 tablespoons of… View Post

Today I was out and about  and doing a little shopping with my oldest son Ryan. We decided that after we left the store we would head over to Dsw  and check out their affordable shoe selection they had over there.  Mainly for me since I have never been to a Dsw shoe warehouse before and I really wanted to see what they were all about. What really peaked my interest is when some local bloggers were on the news talking and showing off all the cute things they got… View Post

    Being able to have a healthy clear smooth skin is one thing that every person wants. I have always struggled with skin issues with my skin, today I will doing a Diy Egg white honey mask for acne. Eggs are full of proteins and they really do help the body in a whole lot of a facets. One way that it helps the face it that it can really keep the elasticity of the skin together. Along with diminishing or reducing fine wrinkles , even helping with the… View Post

    Cooking meals for my family is one thing I really like and enjoy doing. Especially when I’m able to cook with really great ingredients. Than the meal is really able to come to life. I really love to cook when I am able to make cheap family meals that stretch into more than one meal. With the help of some extra items.  I add to the new meals some more items, but its all worth it in those next few days when your able to just save a… View Post