If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I had the chance to read Hair Story the History Of Black Hair in America, this past month or so.  And boy let me tell you what a book. If you are really wanting to know why we as black women and men think or have thought about our hair the way that we do then you  need to read this book.  This book is full of information about the history of African American… View Post

I ran across this video a while back and still down to this day it continues to run through my head, and since I am starting this blog to bring to light, the true beauty that is within each and everyone on of us.  Coming from a  town that I grew up in at the time my neighborhood was mostly white, my friends were all of another race and now my husband and that of my family is mostly mixed race. Although I do not look it, we all have… View Post

As you may or not know yet,  I had planned on this month getting into high swing with the body boot camp challenge.  I even made a video on it on all that I planned to do. Well life happened and I ended up having a aunt that passed away a family friend and two cousins with two weeks of each other. So that Sort of slowed things down a bit, and I had to get my thought processes together. Well I did that,  and now I am ready to… View Post