If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!You know there are a lot of ways to get healthy and being a mom of four and able to keep a decent figure. I think I tend to know a little bit about what it takes to stay fit and get in shape in the quickest amount of time. However what gets me is that many people are always about the quick fix and the shortest way possible it takes to lose weight, but… View Post

      If you have 4b – 4c Hair texture and wondering If going natural is right you. I am sure you have come across your own internal questions wondering what is really good about having a 4b, 4c hair texture. When you see so many others with a looser curl patterns that seem to do a lot more with their hair and that has you asking well what really can I do with my own. I knew that when I was younger the flowing hair in the wind… View Post

You know I was thinking, about natural hair and things and the beauty that goes surrounds natural African American hair, kinky hair, textured hair and curly hair. How over the past decade a new movement has come about of new women wanting to showcase what god them and the true beauty that is them.     I have been natural on and off since high school, more natural than relaxed but I have always worn my hair in its braided state or w/ something to cover it up and never in… View Post

As we all know the daughters of rap mogul Ron from Ron’s house, has been living it up big in the music world for quite some time now, over a couple of decades. Now he has a wonderful family and his two daughters are stretching their wings and doing it big with their line of kicks called Pastry Shoes. Pastry shoes by Vanessa and Angela Simmons have their own appeal of childish charm with an allure of sex appeal and glam. There is for sure something for everyone, with all… View Post

There are many chemical ingredients to avoid in skincare products, Many women today use a wide range of skincare products. These products might include cleansers, moisturizers, toners, and shampoos and they might be used several times a day throughout most of their adult life. Women have come to rely on these products and spending on them has reached unbelievable levels. But do most women ever take the time to read the ingredients listings on these beauty products? Do they know what they are using and if they might be putting… View Post