If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Did you know that the food you are eating can actually be doing you more harm than good. Well its true even if you think you are eating right and dieting than you might just be in for a big surprise. Many wonder why they feel the way that they do, with hypertension, headaches, insomnia, thyroid problems and all sorts of issues. The way that we eat even affects our children and can exhibit… View Post

You know sometimes when the going gets tough the tough gets going, that is how some people feel when it comes to dealing with certain situations. However that situation when it comes to hair can cause many to give up easy and not stick through the full course of growing their hair out in its natural state. I admit for  many years off and on I did the same thing, and when you are able to come to a point and realize how beautiful your hair is. And the many… View Post

In part one of motivations to get in shape we discussed some of the root issues around trying to lose weight and why many fail. I urge you to look with in yourself first to see if you are really ready to get healthy because trust me if you are not ready if wont work. Look around your self externally to see if the circumstances around you are causing you to have stress which can lead to many bad habits like not working out and poor eating habits. What I… View Post

You know there are a lot of ways to get healthy and being a mom of four and able to keep a decent figure. I think I tend to know a little bit about what it takes to stay fit and get in shape in the quickest amount of time. However what gets me is that many people are always about the quick fix and the shortest way possible it takes to lose weight, but don’t think about what it takes to keep it off. Almost 10 years ago, I… View Post

      If you have 4b – 4c Hair texture and wondering If going natural is right you. I am sure you have come across your own internal questions wondering what is really good about having a 4b, 4c hair texture. When you see so many others with a looser curl patterns that seem to do a lot more with their hair and that has you asking well what really can I do with my own. I knew that when I was younger the flowing hair in the wind… View Post