Raw Milk Raid in California – Huh?

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Early this August the raw-some food health food store a homegrown a local natural living co-op, which produces organic pesticide free real food. Was raided and in a mob style fashion by policeman coming in as if someone had been held hostage. They poured out all of the milk and destroyed the cheese completely.

This is so crazy to me, because the owner was arrested, not read his rights then taken to jail on a 135,000 bond. Not able to get out unless he has the full amount.

When does selling selling your own food become a crime? When does living in America a place of free enterprise become a crime? When does choosing to eat the sort of food you choose to eat become not a god given human right?

I ask these things because that is what is now happening in America. Big government and lobbyist for the FDA are on the hunt to put a stop to these local homegrown real food stores.

Charging that no food should be sold unless regulated by them, and that we should be forced to eat only fake, gmo laden processed food. This is truly a crime only about money and the shift of the country demanding more real food and not fake food that could potentially in the long run kill us.

Real Food is on the rise and here to stay, in fact I have a post about real food here if you want to learn more about it.


Is this crazy or what!

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