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What a week, time is flying by so fast. This year has gone by like a breeze and the new one is coming in really, really fast. Sometimes it feels like you don't even have time to breathe with how fast the year has gone by. Journal Goals

I had a pretty good year, my kids are all a little bit older just as I am with being a little bit wiser……

Anyhow, to touch a little on goals. Most of my goals for my hair were achieved this year, although I did retain length. I also had some breakage from experimenting with heat on my hair. I ended up blowing out my hair this year a couple times. To my dismay my hair did not fare well with it. I think I was using too much heat, or maybe the wrong sort of dryer.

Nah………I'm pretty sure it was too much heat.

Which forced me to do some heavy deep conditioning treatments to help restore or salvage the ends that got some of the damage.

Was I pissed off, yeah. Because I sort of thought that since I have 4c hair it can take a little more heat. But hey all heat sessions have to be done with a little protection. So I went out and bought Silk Infusions heat protection spray hoping that it would protect my ends, and it did. The Silk Infusions Mega Silk spray could not help what my was already damaged but it did protect my hair some the second time around that I decided to blow it out.

You might ask, why am writing about heat protectant spray and damaged ends. We'll that is one my goals for the next year. I plan to avoid using heat on my hair as much as possible except only on really, really special occasions.

The next goal that I have for this new year is to build up a lot more muscle tone. I am hoping to have another baby this year. But I really do not want to get pregnant until I am in the best possible shape. Having a healthy body produces healthy babies. So my friend and I are going to be doing the fertility cleanse diet since she is hoping to get pregnant as well. We hope to be pregnant at the same time together. That is why I am will be utilizing train with me online. An online fitness site showing and giving you workout programs that you can do at home to lose weight.

We plan to meet sometime this week to discuss, our fitness schedule.

But all in all my husband and I are planning on working on a serious budget to cut down on a lot of stuff even sell a couple possessions. We hope to buy a lot of land this year to build a house on big enough hopefully to feed this family of six and maybe one more……………….

Hopefully a little girl.

So those are my goals for this coming year in a nutshell. Retain length, build a home, have a baby.

I would love to hear what you have planned out for the next year.

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