If you have 4b – 4c Hair texture and wondering If going natural is right you. I am sure you have come across your own internal questions wondering what is really good about having a 4b, 4c hair texture. When you see so many others with a looser curl patterns that seem to do a lot more with their hair and that has you asking well what really can I do with my own.

I knew that when I was younger the flowing hair in the wind was something that I wanted, and so that is why I kept my hair relaxed for periods off and on to ease the time it took for my mom to do my hair, thinking that it was low maintenance. When I look back on it, it really was not. The constant trips to the salon for touch ups and styles just so I could have that simple look, yeah I say simple because I really am a simple girl but to go back and forth being natural back to relaxed for years was something I had to stop doing.

Now I am here, I did the big chop in late April and almost 5 months since I decided to do this. But many have questioned why I with a strong 4b – 4c hair textured decided to do it this way with out letting it grow it more first.

Well here are some benefits of having a 4b hair texture and why you should love what you have even if many others feel indifferent towards it.

•Our Hair texture is low maintenance, requires nothing but moisture and the less you touch it the more it grows.

•Soft as cotton and spongy to the touch

•Defies gravity by growing upwards and then down

•The versatility of styling options is endless and the ways the twists come out are awesome!

•Breathtaking fros in all shapes and sizes

•Great for locking and thickness that does not fade over the years.

•Provides protection for scalp from the sun.

•Gives us a unique Personality for our hair alone!

So if you are still wondering if there are any benefits to your natural 4b, 4bc hair texture than let me tell you it is surely not lacking in anything at all.

P.S. Luv what you got and show it off!

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Would love to hear your thoughts, why do you love your hair texture?

photo courtesy of fyeahcurls