Homeschooling Documentary: Class Dismissed! Why One Family chose to avoid the Public School Chaos.

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There is a new documentary in the mix about one family who chose to avoid the public school chaos and bring their kids home to school them. This is one film that is still in the works and they are looking for support to get the train moving. If and when the film is finished it will help bring to light the movement that is growing across the country of families bringing their kids home from public school.

Taking control of their children's education.

I can identify with this, since I too brought my own kids home from public school to shield them from things I thought they were not ready for, to teach them things I felt and know the school was not doing right. Along with protecting my oldest from years of bullying that he was being tormented with day after day in public and private school.

I love public school, I went to public school and graduated from it, but not all schools are the same and not all public schools are the way they were when I was growing up. There is a lack of funding, lack of parental involvement in school which is putting stress on the school systems to cut programs, lay off staff and place pressure on students to step up. With testing to bring in more funds to the school. This cause stress in kids, and families. I was one of those families with a young boy who has learning difficulties and as each year went by, and I saw the love of learning leave him. The more I became convinced I had to do something and take him out of it.

We tried therapists, IEP programs, special teachers, even private school for about 2 years. The only thing that really helped him to flourish was when I took him out of school and brought him home. Not money, not tutors, not special programs in which all it did was label him and make him feel less than.

So you know what.

Class dismissed.

Show support to get the film going, by donating. It will go a long way.

Visit here to learn more.  Class dismissed.

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