Black and Homeschooling: I’m Doing It!

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homenew 066Well the summer is over and school is back in session all over the country at least. As you know in my house hold this year I have decided to home school all of my four boys. This was not something that I did not decide to do right off the back. even though before I even had kids I always had the thought in my mind. That I would eventually home school the children that I would have.

I grew up with a family in my local congregation who was a family of 8, 2 parents and 6 kids and she homeschooled all her kids. I always admired how well behaved the kids were, and how they were able to travel and go out in the ministry as much as needed too . Yeah, even as a little girl I noticed these things. I guess you can say I had a natural knack for motherhood, from a far off.

Now today as an adult woman with 4 kids of my own, I'm glad that I made the choice to home school my boys. Even in the short amount time that they have been home with me, I have already experienced the joy of seeing two of my children grasp knowledge that might have been hard for them in a classroom setting. The only reason this is, is because my oldest has a really hard time leaning in a setting with too many distractions. He has sensory processing disorder, and just the light being too bright can throw him off a bit.

We have been studying about chemistry using the real science for kids curriculum, so far we have made a womery so the boys can see the process of a worm life and how they dig tunnels. I know a womery, but truth of the matter is, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and when you have boys these are the things they like to do.

For the past two week we also have spent time studying, about Asia geography, the people and have been using the mixture of a Charlotte Mason educational philosophy. By incorporating a lot living books into our study's. For example on the study on Asia, we learned about Asia through maps, cooking a Asian meal, and but more so by reading real books on the topic for the child. We had the chance this week to read “Ping” the book about an Asian duck and  “A Look At China”. For my oldest son he read Ancient China.

I'm one for natural learning for my kids and hope that it will give my kids appreciation for learning, and nature. While at the same time instilling good moral values. My whole goal is to find a good balance between academics and natural learning.


homenew 064

Not to say that the whole two weeks have been great, I am already learning that I going to have to tweak a couple of things this coming week, to make the work flow go a little smoother. The first day I was exhausted not because of the kids, but mentally because I was putting to much stress on myself internally.

The days that followed were a lot easier and I'm excited about this new week coming up, because they will be starting their music lessons and going on weekly P.E. groups and Field trips with a local co-op.

Being able to see my kids learn and not feel the stress that a school system places on them to learn at their pace and their way. Is something that is truly great to experience!

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