Our 2015 Back To School Supplies!

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Back to school Supplies

So the new year is starting and this year none of my kids will be homeschooled, but will going to the school about 2 blocks down from my house. The school is really lovely and is ranked in the top 10 schools in the state of florida. They offer a lot of support and enrichment activities that my kids have been enjoying. To add to the fact they are getting rid of the common core testing and will be using the Psat/Sat “hopefully”!

I'll keep my fingers crossed 😉

My oldest son will be starting 9th grade this year and will be in his first year in highschool!

I'm so scared and I think he is more scared than I am. More so because he is worried about the math they might give him, but I told him not too worry we will work on it a lot at home. One thing I did do is go to Walmart and get all our supplies this year. I usually go to target, but I wanted to see how much more I would save by going to Walmart for back to school supplies.

Along with going during the tax free week!

I saved a ton!

I ended up getting my son this locker shelf organizer and hopefully it will help him keep his locker organized, he was in private school once and his locker was all over the place. So I am hoping this locker shelf will help him stay a little more in order.

My three younger kids will be starting first, second and Fifth grade this year. My fifth grader wants to stay homeschool, but this year our home is going through a lot of changes and I need him to go to school until some things get settled.

Many school teachers ask for help with school supplies and I always like to try and get everything on the list. I don't get everything natural but who does and that can be really expensive.

Some items I got were:


Expo White Board Care Eraser – For the Teachers – Remember when teachers used Chalkboards and that sound -;)

Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers – Gotta keep those rooms clean

Crayola Colored Pencils

Elmer's Washable School Glue

Sharpie Yellow Highlighters

Fiskars 6 Pack of Blunt TIp Scissors

Fiskars Swing Arm Protractor

LockerMater Extra Tall Stac-A-Shelf Locker Shelf. 


Do you have kids?

What are some items that you have gotten in bundles or for less at other stores this year?



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