When You Don’t Feel Like Your Doing Enough.

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Reading over the summer


You guys ever have that feeling that what you are doing is not enough. Well I had that question this past week. I started to wonder if what I was doing was going to be enough or even up to the standards of other people.

I started to feel as I was not good enough, if what the schools are doing might be better that what I can do, although I know in my heart and soul that only I can do it right.

You ever, go through the motions and ups and downs of life, of not feeling pretty, not feeling organized enough, and feeling just not capable of getting it right.

Yeah……that’s how I’ve been feeling.

The sad part about it is that I had allowed people that are close to me to seep these thoughts into my head, without me even thinking about it.

I had one person, I won’t say any names, tell me that:

“My kids need to be around more kids and not just around their own siblings all the time because they need more socialization”.

Really, they need more socialization, my kid’s get plenty of that, were not stuck in the house like a family of hermits, although I wouldn't mind that.

I wish people would realize that the proper form of socialization, does not mean you have to have some sort of mandatory schooling just to get the right form of socialization. Or, your just not right.

Bull –crock right!

I even had another person call me for advice, educational and nutritional advice for their kids and themselves. Than as the call progressed they started to tell me that I need to make sure my kids are on level, make sure they don’t get behind. Make sure they get tested!

As if tested is the only way to truly gage that kids are learning. As if I would not know just by teaching them…….I mean duh right….. .


Come on now, I would not be homeschooling my kids if I would just let them loaf around and not learn anything.

I mean really, some people really assume, that I am not capable of homeschooling my kids. It really irks me, yeah it really pisses me off. To the point where I want to say some really mean things about their kids, and how their not on level or even close and they went to school.

Go figure right…….

Bust instead I let the stress of life get to me and started to question myself.

Than I had the chance to read this beautiful post over at simplehomeschool, which told me to

“Stop looking for perfection in others and seeing only flaws in yourself. We are all imperfect. Crop out what isn’t working in your life and celebrate what is.”


It really helped me to put things into perspective and appreciate what I am doing, and to stop worrying about what others think.  Or how I raise my kids.

One fellow home school you tuber put it this way for me, by saying that after all our kids are our kids….. right. Not their kids. They mean well but only you can know what is best for your own kids.


You know what, I do.











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  1. Jonathan (EcoDad)
    September 10, 2013 / 7:19 pm

    While we don’t home school, I totally get stuck finding the best in folks around me to admire strive for and then comparing that to all the shortcomings I see in my own life. I have a wonderful family, a wonderful job, a wonderful house with solar and need to remind myself of all that I have and have achieved so far instead of just what I haven’t done yet.

    And something I think every parent should take to heart is that showing your kids that you don’t know everything, can make mistakes and learn from them is one of the most important lessons they will learn.
    Jonathan (EcoDad) I Spread the Luv…Freezing Brown RiceMy Profile

  2. September 11, 2013 / 3:31 pm

    Sorry that people have been so judgmental lately. It’s never easy as a parent.
    Becky I Spread the Luv…Green Halloween IdeasMy Profile

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