I Stopped The Flu Dead In It’s Tracks…

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Yeah, so this past week many in my not so immediate family have come down with the Flu. My mom got the flu and was really bad off for about week. It was quite bad because I have not seen my mom that sick in years. Topple that with the fact that my grandma is almost a one-hundred years old living right in assisted living.  She is the main one that visits my grandmother in the early weekdays. Since many of us are not able and work the rest of the days.

I hate not having my grandmother having someone come to visit her during the week. We all coordinate the visits to make sure someone is up there at least once a day all throughout the week.

However, I'm glad she didn't go and then run the risk of my grandma getting sick because her body would not be able to handle that at all. 

Then one of best friends kids all got the flu and we were over her house for a party this past week and now I'm afraid my kids might get sick too. No one has shown any signs as of yet except my youngest son.  He has been quite cranky and a little warm, but not to the point where I am calling out Flu at the moment.

Thank God. 



Anyhow one thing I have been doing is giving them Elderberry Syrup to boost up their immune system. I love some Elderberry it has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin c out there and is known to cut down cold's, and Viruses in half the time. Heck, it can even stop it in its tracks.

I gave all my kids this Elderberry syrup and I'm going to give it to all them for the rest of the week to stay in the safe zone. I also have been giving them Gaia herbs kids herbal defense drops too to go along with it.  This and the Elderberry Syrup are my two main things I use to help fight off the viruses in the very beginning stages.

So let's hope, nothing has progressed since then, the Flu that is.

Lord knows I don't need that in my life.






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