How to Eat Real Food: Part Two

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Recently I discussed in part one  the importance of  how to eat real food. Now I would like to explain why I feel that grass fed meat and pastured animal products are better for you.

I have always believed that “you are what you eat” since what you eat can greatly affect your mind, your health and overall well-being. As in this video on how food can affect your mood. The speaker goes on to say that

Junk food equals junk moods.

I thought this was a powerful statement that really gets you to thinking!

Everything that we eat is made of nutrients, macro nutrients that are the building blocks of life for new cell growth. The human body is always in a constant state of Regeneration and this cannot happen effectively without proper nourishment.

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It is sort of like our skin which sheds all day long; when we bathe we are actually exfoliating our bodies sloughing off dead skin cells releasing the new ones to come to the top. The same thing happens inside the body with our cells. The old go away and new ones are formed.

With such a constant pace of cell regeneration, which helps to fight off disease it is best if we equip our bodies with best nourishment. Empty calories or substandard food will only ensure that our foundation for health and wellness is weak.

Eating food that is pretty much factory raised does have issues that come with them. Much of the animals today are raised in factory's that are meant to make them fat for slaughtering by having them eat empty calories.

If you have not had the chance yet to watch the film Food Incthan I suggest you do so. You can read my official review of it here since it goes into more detail in a video manner about the horrible conditions on how our food goes from factory to plate.

Many of the animals are fed genetically modified craps that has already been sprayed with pesticides that can harm their digestive systems. Cows are supposed to eat grass and roughage but instead they are fed grains and corn to make them fat. Sugars from the corn increase the fat content unnaturally and can cause disease. Chickens are shut in doors and kept from the greens and bugs outside (their natural habitat) in close quarters with really no exercise what so ever. But fed grains and soy once again to fatten them as quick as possible.

If you are what you eat, then what do we hope to become by eating animal products that come from factory farms?


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This is a scary thought and it is one that paved the way for the rebirth of the grass fed and pastured foods movement. A lot of consumers are now looking for safer alternatives by seeking out beef from cows that are grass fed, and allowed to roam naturally with minimal pesticide interaction. They buy farm fresh eggs where the chickens are allowed to roam free and eat grass, seeds, bugs, fruit that is more natural to them.

Grass-fed meat is lean and has a fat content that more closely resembles chicken or wild game. This actually helps to improve your cholesterol levels instead of raise them. While it is low in the bad fats associated with high cholesterol, it is very high in the good fats, the omega-3 fatty acids. All of the nutrition from the pastures they graze translates into lean cuts of meat and delicious milk that are nutritionally superior and much healthier for your family.

Pastured eggs are said to have about 20 times more omega-3 fatty acids than their factory farmed counterparts. The moment you crack open a pastured egg you can tell from the dark orange yolk that you are eating something rich and full of nutrition. They also taste infinitely better than other eggs. Once you try them you will find you be hard pressed to ever go without again.

As the saying goes, we are truly what we eat!

What are your thoughts on the whole Real Food Movement?

P.S. Stay Tuned for Part Three of the series on How to eat Real Food!

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