Project Night Night – Helping Homeless Kids Read

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You know a little helps goes a long way…….. Especially when it comes to reading to our children.

Reading is something that mostly everyone enjoys, particularly if you were taught from a young age to enjoy reading. It is what makes the world go round not exactly money. Reading and being able to read is sort of related to either being in prison or not in prison.

Mentally I mean………..

It can help you get ahead in life or really cause you to be set back a notch.

she likes to read

With the world in the state that it's in now with all the economic woes that is facing the world as a whole today. Many more families are losing their homes. In effect causing children to now live with out home, and not able to have the resources they once had.

In the United States Alone the number of homeless children is now 1.5 Million which is an alarming rate across the board.

According to Project Night Night”

The regular interruption in schooling for homeless children, the lack of personal belongings including books, and the constant anxiety experienced, leads homeless students to struggle with school and to fall behind their peers. The National Center on Family Homelessness indicates that only 48 percent of homeless children in grades three through twelve rated proficient in reading on standardized tests.

Studies have shown that students with more types of reading materials at home perform better on standardized tests. Yet, homeless children frequently have few or no reading materials.

Which Is so sad, because what child does not want to read, what child does not want to feel wanted. Better yet what child does want to be given the chance to let their imagination soar, without being stifled as to what their true potential could be.

If only they were taught how to read and enjoy it.

Join me as I have already contributed to the great cause of project night Night who are helping combat the issue by putting books in the hands of homeless kids. Who have already been torn from their home and some who never really had one.

Lets help them give back to our young people by helping them help young ones learn to read.

What a great and noble cause this is and I am happy to spread the word about it.

Reading is one of the greatest gifts you could give someone young or old who does not know how to read. Because in the end you are freeing them from the sadness of the world around them.

Allowing them to escape if only for a moment into the wonderful world of a book.

Let's give our young people a better chance at life, a better chance at school, at better chance at learning to read…

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