5 Natural Ways I’m Treating ADHD In My Kids.

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Natural Ways Treat ADHD kidsSo, yes we all know that many kids these days suffer from some form of ADD OR ADHD and its quite well known that many of these kids are stuck in the public school system and many are given many (narcotics) to help them get through the school day. In which for the time being many become zombies or lose a ton of weight from the side effects of just taking the ADHD medications.

It is Neurobehavioral Development Disorder that affects about 3-5% of kids with that number rising each and every year. Many kids diagnosed with Adhd are usually the ones that are inattentive or hyperactive. To the point where it is affecting their learning ability.  (Or so they say).

Many have problems with remembering things and don’t have great control over their impulses. Which can make learning an issue at a young age.

None of my kids, have been diagnosed by a doctor. Per S’e. But I pretty much diagnosed them on my own. Out of my four boys one was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when he was younger in which he took therapy for it. Now that he is older he has progressed along way and has really come around. However, he has always had issues with Add even though, I switched up his diet when he was younger. Now that he is a teenager, he wants to east more junk. So It forces me to add in some Holistic Adhd supplementation to help him focus just a little.

My youngest son really has an issue with attention, and Hyperactivity no matter how much I take him to the park, keep him active and try to watch his diet. I really do that these issues can be hereditary in some instances since my husband has dealt with it his whole life, and was one of the poster kids for taking Ritalin we he was younger.

No one was perfect, hear and I do the best I can.

So I decided to try out some natural ways to treat adhd in my kids by using supplements that should be healthier and wont cause all those nasty side effects and leave the body in shambles. Of course anything you try, you should always consult with your physician first. .

One products I have been trying the past week is this Solaray Focus For Children  Dietary Supplement for  Adhd.




I have also been using Valerian Super Calm Nerve Support Natural Calm that contains Lemon balm and an herbal blend to help him balance out his nervous system and relax. This product although I don’t give it to him everyday has worked wonders and really helps him focus. However, don’t give too much or the lemon balm which has calming effect can make your child might want to go to sleep. Lol  Great for kids that are a little overly active, and for nights when you need to get some shut eye. -;)

I am also giving them these Nature's Dynamics Omega 3 Berry gummies which are Non-GMO and also have flax seed in them. The omega -3s are good fats that are known to help with proper brain development.They help with DHA & EPA, Omega 3-6-9 all in it.





I am even giving them Mineral rich which is full of vitamins and mineral’s. I’m hoping this will help to balance out his mineral level and lead to better concentration.




So along with trying to feed my youngest one the healthiest way, I’ll try. Since he in the pickiest stage of his life and the hardest of all my boys to please when it comes to food.  I will also look into maybe getting him diagnosed officially and see it there any other underlying issues.

I am hoping these couple of Natural treatments for Adhd will help two of my boys  to really focus just a little bit more.

Tell me what Homeopathic treatments do you use to help your kids with Adhd?





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