My Goals For 2017

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my goals for 2017



Well the new year has started and with it comes many new goals for 2017 that I would like to implement. Goal setting is great and its the one thing that will help to keep me accountable to myself and to the things I would like to accomplish. My goals for 2017 are not much but does help you to put things into focus and be able to visually see all that needs to completed.

My goals for 2017 are as follows:


Personal Goals:

Finish my Degree in Office Administration – I started my degree years ago before my kids were born and I have been taking classes every now and then for years. When you have kids its really easy to put things you started to the waist side and focus on your family first. And that is exactly what I did, but I just realized that I am only about three classes away from that goal. So I hope to have my degree sometime early in 2017.


Fitness – I would really love to get back into working out a ton more, I use to love to weight lift a ton before my kids were born and its something that really made me happy.  I had a ton of muscle tone in the past, and it really helped me to do a lot of physical activities without getting tired to quick. To be able to jog or just walk more and incorporate more exercise into my daily routine would really help me to get into shape and get my body ready for a possible new baby.


Read More Books– I love reading books, but in the year of 2016 I did not read as many books as I planned to read and actually read more ebooks than a hardback.  I would love to read one book a month this year that is not an ebook, but hardback. But If I have too I would love to invest in a kindle and read a ton of books on a  paperwhite kindle. Maybe my hubby will get me one for our wedding anniversary.


Home- This year I plan on really going by room to room and revamping each one really cheaply. We currently rent at the moment and would like to buy another home in the near future. Not sure If it will be this year or next, depending on a couple of other factors were working on first. Like raising my husbands and I credit score and getting rid of some debt we both have. We did own a home once before but ended up selling it during the housing market crash years back. However, our landlord is really cool and will let us make some changes to the rooms like basic stuff. It's fine because we might actually buy the home were currently living in.


Financial Goals/Business:


Blogging – This year I plan to blog more and really get involved in a lot more groups and network more within the blogging community. I have high hopes for this blog and I really want to share more of myself and my family through weekly vlogs on youtube and post more on a weekly almost daily basis.


Credit and Debt – My husband I are working on paying down some debt we accumulate over the years and raising our credit score by getting rid of items that should not be there. We have been using this program call Credit Secret for the past couple of months now and I have raised both our scores equally by 100 points. All without using a  creditor and doing it all ourselves.


Employees – We own a small car lot where we sell used cars and at the moment I am the main one that does the title work for my husband. I would love to hire and train someone to take over my role and replace me. So that I will not have to process all the extra paperwork anymore but focus more on the duties at home and growing my blog.


Create a Vision Board – I really want to make a vision board and give myself a visual representation of the goals I want to complete.


Family Goals:


Education – In 2017 I really plan to push my youngest son to get better at his spelling and really push his math skills. He has always struggled and picks up on things a little slower than my older kids. So I'm hoping to make some real gains before the summer time.


Addition to the Family – My husband and I if all goes well this year we might try to conceive another child before the end of the year.


I don't have a long list of goals but these goals do require some work to complete, and I'm hoping to come back and look at this list months from now to see how many of them actually get completed.




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