Motivations For Getting In Shape: Part Two

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In part one of motivations to get in shape we discussed some of the root issues around trying to lose weight and why many fail. I urge you to look with in yourself first to see if you are really ready to get healthy because trust me if you are not ready if wont work. Look around your self externally to see if the circumstances around you are causing you to have stress which can lead to many bad habits like not working out and poor eating habits.

What I mean by externally is your job, things going on in life with your family, financial issues all these things can cause us to eat in a manner that is not beneficial for our bodies.  That way you can begin to take steps to try to ease some of the stress so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

According to fitness statistics more than 60% of Americans are not getting the basic exercise that they need to stay healthy and more than 25% are not even doing anything at all. says that exercising not only boosts your brain power (thinking ability), it increases your ability to melt away fat and gives you long hours of increased energy for a small amount of work

Did you know that for every 1lb of muscle that you gain it burns off an extra 50 calories a day so if you gain one pound of muscle a week for a month your body will have a higher metabolism and burn up to an extra 200 calories a month just by doing nothing.  Who wouldn't want to do that right, imagine adding on more tone and defined muscle a week how much you could be burning in resting state.

Cool Huh!

Well enough of my rambling, you are probably wondering what steps you should take to get you on the road to better health so that you can start adding on some toned defined muscles.

  • The first thing as I said before is to do some internal looking to see if you are really ready because if you are not it just wont work.
  • Second you need to realize that fitness and getting in shape is a lifestyle change.
  • Third not everyone body is built up same, you have to make your body the best that it can be and not the best it could be to look like someone else. Remember your motives when getting healthy its about you and your health not for some short term fantasy.
  • Take small steps and don't try to  change everything at once or else you will just beat your self and think that you have failed. Small steps are big steps in the right direction!!!
  • Begin to fill your environment that is your home with fitness DVDs, workout equipment and even workout clothes. When y0u have these things in your environment it will inspire your to work out at home when you don't have time to get out.

These are  some quick steps that you can begin to take to get you in the right direction of having the mental mindset it takes to change your health for the better.

If you think this post interests you stay tuned of Part three: Things I use to Get and Stay Healthy!

P.S. Would love to hear your thoughts and Comments on your Challenges when it comes to fitness!

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