Motivation For Getting In Shape: Part One

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You know there are a lot of ways to get healthy and being a mom of four and able to keep a decent figure. I think I tend to know a little bit about what it takes to stay fit and get in shape in the quickest amount of time. getting in shape fastHowever what gets me is that many people are always about the quick fix and the shortest way possible it takes to lose weight, but don’t think about what it takes to keep it off.

Almost 10 years ago, I use to be a personal trainer; I worked in golds gym at the front desk and would train my friends and family from time to time. Since I was small I could remember all I ever thought about was health and fitness and eating the best things that were good for my body.

That is why I here on my site I will discuss very frequently what it takes to get in shape, how to stay in shape and the mental attitude that goes along with it. Losing weight is not something that is only done to look good, becoming a better you is all about a lifestyle change that should be taken into consideration. With the country in state of obesity shouldn’t we take some time to care about ourselves, and that begins with small steps, step by step. But the first thing we could all start with is our eating habits.

Everything that we take in goes into our body and affects us physically, mentally and believe it or not emotionally, I believe our bodies are centered around our center whole being and when anything upsets that natural rhythm it can affect our bodies In a lot different ways. This can show in

• Obesity

• Stress on our bodies and skin

• Energy levels

• Hormones especially in women

Our bodies when not taken care of properly will show off in a great many ways alerting us to the dangers that we need to take. To change how we are taking care of ourselves.

My motto is and always is:

“Living Healthy and Losing Weight is more of a lifestyle change than anything else”. ~ Lilly Ashe

So What Are some ways that you can start changing your habits and kicking into high gear to start being a better you more mentally, physically, and yes even emotionally.

Click Here For Part Two : Motivations For Getting In Shape!

Would Love to here your thoughts on what is your biggest challenge when it comes to losing weight and staying in shape,  let me know so we can help each other.

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