Go Green Get Fit Challenge- Week Two

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To follow up with  go green challenge I thought I post a little topic on five techniques that you could do right now to start losing weight. I'm no pro at working or no ultimate fitness trainer, but I do know a little bit about fitness and what it takes to stay in shape.

I decided to touch on this topic after talking to my sister today over the phone. Many of dilemmas that she is having with her weight is trying to figure out how to jump-start her fitness routine. Clearly my sister is not in shape, because she was tired  just doing the fitness test. On the insanity fitness program.

I thought that was funny:)

However, losing weight and getting in shape can be tiresome especially for those who have never worked out before in their life. It can really make you feel as if you are not cut out to do it, and push you to give up.  I told her to stick with it and use these little steps that will help her to reach her goals.

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So if you are trying to lose weight here are a couple of the tips I shared with her today over the phone. These are things you can do to make weight loss easier and faster. In fact, a few lifestyle changes and new habits can make a huge difference. Here are five great fat burning habits to consider adding to your daily routine right now. In fact it can speed the process.


1. Eat often. It may sound strange but if you eat more frequently you can help your body burn fat and lose weight. The key is to make smart food choices. Additionally, you’ll want to take care to eat smaller meals.

Smaller meals can be anything from a piece of fruit, meal replacement shake, veggie smoothie, boiled eggs and the list goes on. These are considered meals, The point is to eat.

If you generally eat three larger meals each day, try eating 5-6 smaller meals. Make sure each meal has protein, a fruit or a vegetable. Nuts for example are a great snack. So too are apples and cheese. Choose whole grains, fruits and veggies. They fill you up quickly and keep your appetite at bay for hours. Some of my favorite nutrition bars are Kind!

2. Consume Protein . Protein helps balance your blood sugar. In fact protein is broken down slower in the body and keeps you full for and extended time. Instead of the spikes and plummets you experience with starchy carbohydrates and sugary snacks, you feel full and satisfied. You have an even level of energy for longer. And you don’t get hungry or experience cravings.


3. Drink water and green tea. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger. Drinking more fluid each day can help you feel full. Water and green tea can also help flush the toxins from your body. Many toxins affect metabolism, inflammation and the release of fat into your body. Additionally, green tea has fat burning properties. It actually stimulates your metabolism. Finally, green tea also has caffeine which suppresses appetite. All in all green tea is a fantastic fat burning habit to adopt.


4. Walk – a lot. Bodies in motion have faster metabolisms. The more you move the more you burn. Experts recommend walking ten thousand steps a day. That’s about five miles. If you can squeeze in a few ten minute walks throughout your day, you’re going to make that quota easily. You’ll likely also find you’re going to feel better too. If you can't get out to walk much you can buy the walking dvds and do them in your home. Or keep yourself moving throughout the day in your home. Trust every little steps adds up!


5. Lift weights. Muscle burns fat faster than other tissues. Additionally, a strength training workout can burn a lot of calories while you’re working out, and after. Add a few strength training workouts to your week or lift weights for twenty minutes before your cardio workout. You’ll burn fat faster.


As many fitness experts know. The best way to burn fat, lose weight and keep it off is to change your lifestyle. Adopt healthy habits. Get rid of the unhealthy ones. These five habits are a great start to losing the weight you want to lose. And keeping it off for good.


So what steps  are you taking to stay  in shape? I would love to hear your response.:)



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