Easy Salisbury Steak Recipe with Brown gravy

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So you know I have four boys right and these kids love to eat, in fact I love to eat too and always make dishes that my mom made for me growing up with the exception of a little changes. Here and there. One of those cool comfort foods that I always come back too is a Salisbury steak recipe with brown gravy that my mom used to make. I'm not sure if its the traditional way to make Salisbury steak, I just know that I like it and it always taste great to me.

In fact its not even made with steak. ( That was a  joke) -;)


This is super simple and it goes great on a nice cold day when you really need some comfort food to fill up those little belly's and keep them wanting more. I love this dish so much that it has become one of those simple easy recipes that you can make in a flash and the whole family will love it. If you have a large family or even just feeding yourself I'm sure you will enjoy this Salisbury dish as well.

This simple super easy Salisbury steak recipe with brown gravy only entails a few ingredients such as:



The first thing you want to do is mix up your meat in a large mixing bowl with your diced onions. Make sure you dice them really small that way you wont taste huge chunks of onions in your mouth in fact you could even save some for your gravy which you will make in the pot.

All together at one time.

What I like to also do is really make sure I add in a pinch of Worcestershire sauce for a little extra kick. Trust me you will taste difference.




After you get a change to mix in all of your seasonings which is any that you prefer. I personally have been trying and liking lately is the Meat Magic seasoning blend this stuff is full of a whole bunch great things like mixed spices, dehydrated onions and pepper, In fact it also made with no artificial flavorings or ingredients simply plain simple good food.  I also use the Ians All Natural Panko breads crumbs which also come gluten free if you like and made of all natural goodness. I mix it all in with one or two eggs just to bind all the other ingredients together for when I go to the next step and finish cooking.




So while it all smells great now and your ready to eat before I patty it all up like a small hamburger, I like to eat mine with some rice which I love to cook in my presto rice cooker. This thing is great and helps me out a ton in cooking rice in about 5-10 minutes. Which is really no time and at all and really helps to push out some quick dinner really fast when your in a pinch.  I always add a little butter and some oil of your choice I use olive oil and a even mixture of water and chicken broth for the liquid to cook it in. \




Were halfway complete now and the dinner is coming along quite well.

Now all we have to do it patty up the meat in to small hamburger like patty's, I place a little olive oil in the pan with the patty's and I fry them on each side until each side is browned an almost cooked all the way through.







Once that is complete I take a measuring cup and I place about  a little less than 1/4 cup of flour to about 21/2 cups of beef broth all together. I also make sure I mix in some extra pepper to the mixture with a dash of salt and some of more the meat magic seasonings for a little extra kick.





Pour the beef stock mixture over the meat patty's and let it simmer and cook down until the sauce thickens and becomes a gooey Salisbury steak gravy goodness.  I then pour this easy Salisbury steak brown gravy recipe over the white rice I cooked in my rice cooker with a side of broccoli.


Easy Salisbury steak with brown gravy

Bam! Dinners done and did not take that long to make.

What about you, what way do you like your Salisbury steak?






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