DIY: Easy Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

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This past week I whipped up one of my favorite Easy blue dressing Recipe that I love to make. Nothing tastes better than making your own homemade salad dressings. When all those tastes combine and flavors blend and harmonize. It just makes for a great  salad dressing.  In fact it could be one my ultimate blue cheese dressing recipe to date. This one can be eaten with hot wings for dipping or on a salad.


DIY Easy Blue Cheese Dressing

I prefer to make this particular one for my own salads and especially for my hot wings in which I make at home in the oven and than I place on my homemade wing sauce on top.

Right out of the oven. -;)

This particular blue cheese dressing however, is a little on the thicker side but not that much. It is only because I add a ton of blue cheese inside of it.

I like to taste the chunks. You just have to add as much as you want inside of your own.  You can even add some buttermilk or plain milk to it to loosen up the blue cheese dressing.

If you want a creamer one.

I prefer this one for a dipping sauce mainly.

Great with Wings! -;)


Easy Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe:

  • Add about equal parts mayo to sour cream 1 cup mayo and 1 cup sour cream – I Prefer a little less mayo to sour-cream however that's my Personal preference.
  • Fold in the blue cheese crumbles about one container full depending on how chunky you want it.
  • Dash of Salt and pepper
  • Dash Of Garlic Powder
  • Dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • Pinch of Hot sauce.


All you need to do is mix the sour cream with the mayonnaise, add in the salt and pepper. A dash of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Fold in the blue cheese crumbles and place in a mason jar.


homemade blue cheese dressing



blue cheese dressing recipe


Wa' la your good to go. The longer the dressing sits in the fridge the better. I tend to make it a couple of hours before I eat the wings or even better yet you can eat on a ice-berg salad with homemade bacon crumbles.

Like I did here in this post! Click here to see it!

Good Stuff.

Tell me do you ever make any of your salad dressings homemade?




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