Beauty Secrets of the Bible – A Review

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Have you ever wanted to know how women and men back in ancient times kept themselves beautiful.  Many women back than did not have to use the fancy product that we know use, instead they used natural and organic material right out their environment to smell good and look beautiful. That is why in Beauty Secrets of the Bible – The Ancient Arts of Beauty and Fragrance will help you to discover what is right at your disposal also.

In this book, author Ginger Garrett introduces women to the beauty and health secrets of our ancient sisters. While few people would think of the Bible as a book of diet or health, much less beauty, Garrett shows us otherwise. She claims that ancient women had a similar desire as modern women do to be as attractive as they can. She exposes facts about the health and beauty industry that we've become increasingly concerned about: that the products we slather on our skin on a daily basis are not only unregulated, but are often toxic and unsafe.


As an alternative, she offers recommendations and tips for beauty treatments that are straight out of the pages of the Bible. They're so simple that they'll seem almost too good to be true. For example, using one drop of honey on damp skin instead of expensive moisturizers. Interestingly, this one tip is recommended by a hot Hollywood makeup artist!


The book does a good job of using modern scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of these simple treatments. As an example, vinegar was a staple of ancient times. We now know that vinegar helps the body keep a stable blood sugar and slows the absorption of carbs. Another example is flax, which featured heavily in the diets of ancient women. Flax acts as an anti-inflammatory, which has the effect of slowing aging.

The first chapter of the book helps the reader to reevaluate her current ideas around beauty by using scripture and meditation. This part of the book may not interest you if you're not religious, but it might just get you thinking about our modern cultural ideals around beauty.

Chapter Two gets to the heart of why so many women have weight issues, and what to do about it. Chapter Three points to the dangers of modern cosmetic ingredients and Chapters Four thru Seven offers you safer, natural alternatives and recipes for totally safe yet spa worthy beauty regimens.

To top if off, she offers instructions on how to host a “Bible Secrets of the Bible party”.

If you love to make your own beauty treatments, you'll love this book, you can find it at Beauty Secrets of the Bible!





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