Back To The Start: Awesome Chipotle Ad!

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I saw this back to the start chipotle ad on tv the other week and had to share it here. The pure simplicity of the video is catching and make you think a lot about a lot of things. Then they added Willie Nelson to the mix with his ear catching rendition of the song.  So put it all together it was a perfect combination. Chipotle is a company that prides itself on great food, natural farming techniques and all around giving back to the environment.

Kudo's to Chipotle for taking a great step in bringing more awareness to our current food system, by showing us how we can still eat great with causing harm to the animals or the agriculture.

Living simple is what is all about, taking just little steps will go a long way in the overall scheme of things.

Would love to know your thought on the Video. I love it!!!!!

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