One Degree Bread: Veganic Ancient Whole Wheat

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This past week or so I have been trying out One Degree Bread which is their Veganic Ancient Whole Wheat Bread. The bread is sprouted,  gluten free, GMO free, and sweetened with raisins. I love trying out new breads and I ‘m trying to avoid the ones with out all those processed ingredients. I mean really who wants to eat all that crap. Than with a son who who has food intolerance issues trying out new stuff is always on my radar. I bought the bread from a local health food store the same place that I get my shampoo from.  I always get my locally grown organic vegetables from there and my grass fed beef and any other items that they have on sell there, without having to drive cross town to Whole Foods.

The benefits  of sprouted grain go way back all the way to ancient peoples eating sprouted grains, rice,  and bread. Refined grains which is what most people eat,  do not know that the germ and the bran are removed. To help with the preservation of the product to and from different locations. However refined grains lead to obesity, stroke, heart disease and even certain cancers of the GI tract. Refined grains do not break down well and are harmful to the body.


When grains are spouted the nutrition stays and the plant enzymes stay in tact . This helps with cleansing  of the colon, building healthy bacteria in the gut and overall it breakdowns slow in the body without causing a spike in blood sugar. Sprouted grains are high in protein  and  antioxidants. They also contain a plethora of  Vitamin A, C, phosphorous, potassium and Iron.

Who doesn't want  that, I know I can always use an extra dose of iron. …..

My little one deals with constipation if he is not eating clean on a constant basis. A lot the of times I just don't give  him bread unless it is  something I feel he will do well with. So I made him a turkey and cheese sandwich made with the One Degree Bread. He loved it! He only had half a sandwich but it was great! The bread was hearty, tasteful, with plenty of flavor. Most of all it was soft!


Let's be honest sometimes if you make your own, something I will be venturing into soon.Or if you try to buy brands with other healthful qualities they can be sort of hard, and just too thick.


So as you can see, it has a ton of great benefits. Sprouted is not the only type of bread I am experimenting with. I working on some soaked breads and sourdoughs too. But that's for a later post.

I like the Organic One Degree Breads so far and will continue to try more in the future!


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  1. Stacie
    September 13, 2014 / 11:56 pm

    It’s not gluten free. I looked up the ingredients and organic gluten flour is one of the ingredients.

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