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Ok, well this morning I decided to go on ahead and try out this packet of Wholesome Chow's Organic Gluten Free Scone Baking Mix. I ended up buying this packet awhile back and was in bit of a squeeze this morning and wanted something different to cook for the kiddies. If you do not know my second to youngest son is in the process of getting a series of tests completed to see if he might have any issues with gluten, wheat, and some other issues.

wholesome Chow


That is why I have been experimenting with different types of gluten free recipes that I can do on the fly and in crunch when I don't have to time to make everything from scratch 😉

That is why I love that Abes Market offers a food variety of Wholesome Chows line on their site, makes it easy to shop from.

Its, great because since this gluten free product already comes prepackaged I only have to add three to Four items to complete it.

Wholesome Chow is new company and was started by a couple who shared their love for vegan, gluten free, allergy okay food. A lot of times, I will admit this gluten free journey has been a bit of a learning curve, but fun non the least.

Anyhow, Wholesome Chows products are all Certified Gluten Free and Non-Gmo and Vegan Free. Meaning they are Dairy, Wheat, Egg,  Casein,  Nut, and soy free. Which is great for me because I like simple ingredients in which I can add more to it if I feel the need to.

So lets get started and show you how I made this Wholesome Chow Gluten Free Baking Mix:

First off the ingredients are:

  • Organic White Rice Flour
  • Organic Brown Rice Flour
  • Organic Potato Starch
  • Organic Evaporated Cane Juice ( really gives a great taste)
  • Organic Tapioca Starch
  • Aluminium Free Baking Powder
  • Non-Gmo Corn Starch
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Sea Salt


Step One:  Set oven to 375º and  grease a baking pan or muffin pat. I ended up just using a  sheet pan with parchment Paper

In a large bowl, combine the milk, apple cider vinegar and Oil, ( I used Coconut Oil.)


Wholesome Chow 2


The Product gives you the option to use Dairy or any non-Dairy Substitute. Some people use Almond Milk, I prefer to use Raw Milk from the farm.


Step Two: I mix in  the Coconut Oil, and Apple Cider Vinegar 😉


wholesome chow 3



Step Three: I ended up folding in the blueberries into the mixture and  also added a little bit of extra milk, just a tad.



Wholesome Chow four



The finished result baked at 375º for 18 – 20 minutes was really delicious! I have to say. I ended up melting butter and placing it on top to the blueberry scones.  It was really good, not to sweet just sweet enough. If you like things sweeter I recommend adding some honey to it on top or in the mixture itself.


But it does not need it… Honestly 😉


These scones were good, and I plan on re-buying much more from this wholesome chow company.  I would like to experiment around with using some different form of berries and maybe even chocolate chips added to them.



Finally its kid Tested, Mommy Approved!


Wholsome chow baking mix





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