The Benefits Of Eating Chobani Greek Yogurt!

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So recently I have been eating some really good chobani Greek yogurt products. And I tell you what the benefits of eating chobani Greek yogurt can be really good for you. I use to hate Greek yogurt. I always thought it was to thick and it always got stuck on the roof of my mouth for some reason. I did not want nothing to do with Greek yogurt in any such way. Not even cooking with it. However, I will put it in my hair since it has some great conditioning properties in it when mixed with honey and other fruits like a banana.

But , that's a whole different story to tell.

I like eating my yogurt with granola like Upfront since they make snack size packets for on the go type stuff. I usually add some fruit and that's about it. I tried out a couple of different yogurts and chobani Greek yogurt is the only one that I actually like. Even though its thick its not overly sweet like other yogurts with too much sugar in them. Than when you try to mix them with other food it  just dies out the real yogurt flavor and become loaded with processed sugars which I don't like.

chobani Greek yogurt products



Chobani Greek yogurt products are full of flavor, they use only natural non-gmo ingredients and up to less than 75% less sugar than regular yogurts! The only drawback to me is that its a non-fat yogurt which is sad because I don't mind the fat. I really do believe that healthy fat in yogurt is good for your brain and gut. However at the moment these Greek yogurt products taste the best to me so far.

Some of the benefits of chobani Greek yogurt is that its a naturally occurring fermented food the will help with gut flora and a natural probiotic. It could possibly help with IBS and even diarrhea. Greek yogurt is full of protein can help you full fuller a lot longer which can help you lose weight. It is full of calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium.  and can possibly help lower your blood pressure.

Some of chobani flavors include blueberry, peach, strawberry. Do you eat Greek yogurt?

I would love to know.






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