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About a year ago as I was doing my normal stroll through a local green event, I came across a booth that really caught my eye and intrigued me so much I had to stop and see what it was all about. I love to shop, and I don't get a chance to do it as much as I would like.  However, when I do. I love little boutiques and independent designers doing their thing!

Shopping independent gives you the ability to have unique and all around catchy clothing that gives someone something to look at. So when I approached the booth I was shocked to see beautiful clothes of all different colors, shapes, sizes, and prints.  Than came the person a bubbly, humble, beautiful soul Tammy Jo! Who answered all my questions, and my husbands also, and made me feel like a star as I fiddled through her clothes.

I could not help but to buy one thing,  I think I got about four things that day, two dresses and and I think two tops!


When Tammy Jo, explained to me that her clothes were sustainable, I was thrilled! I'll have to admit, it can be hard to find designer cothes that are sustainable, affordable and Done Right!

Tammy Jo is where it is at, and if you love prints, if you love comfort, yeah her clothes are comfortable! Many of the dresses stretch and if she does not have your size send her and email and she can work out the measurements for you.

Yeah that's real!

Tammy is the sort of person who even met me on a busy afternoon, around my time frame to help me out with a dress I wanted to buy. Yes Tammy Jo Fashion is all about customer service, and I am glad to say her company  is just making its mark but its going places.  Yes, Tammy jo is is a force to be reckoned with, in  which she is now expanding her sports line, and yes it has staying Power!

So, I decided to catch up with my  Girl and ask her a couple of questions to let you in on it:


Tell Me What Is Tammy Jo Fashions?

Tammy Jo is a collection of Woman's wear clothing (and some men's) made from sustainable materials. Everything you see in the Tammy Jo collection is made from re-purposed fabrics and or vintage materials. Everything is designed to not look like or resemble “used” clothing, marrying fashion design with sustainable creativity. “It's sustainable done right”. Nothing is mass manufactured or assembled by more than 2 human hands.


When did your love for fashion come about?


As soon as I saw another woman wearing a dress , I was very young.


How long has the actual TammyJo fashions been around?


For a little over 3 years



Where is Tammy Jo Fashions Located currently?


Winter Park FL



Who or what would you say are your fashion inspirations?


Vintage Prints, patterns and Colors


What would you consider is your niche market, and why?


Right now it's the World Wide Web … its endless selling online … for now. … but my goal is for a brick n mortar building … nothing beats human interaction and I truly love being able to see these wonderful women and young ladies try on my dresses and feel good in them.


Who Can wear Tammy jO?


Everyone and anyone. I've sold my designs to 13 year olds and to 60 year olds.


Tell me what would you consider as your signature trademark look?


It has to be my camisole tank “FLO” … she was my first “Eureka” moment and she is so versatile … she can be worn as casual as you like or as dressy as you like … from just letting her flow or combining with a blazer or belted.



What are your hopes and aspirations for TammyJo Fashions?


The very big picture is having a large warehouse with rows of sewing machines, cutting and sorting tables, design room, ect. We'd love to create a stable “sustainable” company that can provide well paying jobs in USA and bring back an era of quality “made in the USA” goods.



So far what has been the biggest moment for your company so far?


It has to be the feature on Brink Magazine


Where can anyone looking to purchase your designs go?


One last thing, why would you consider yourself a natural chick?


I'm as natural as they come … Pennsylvania Dutch fed booty.

I work hard to take care of myself and eat right. I'm always in tune with my body and life in things around me.


Wanna Know More Tammy Check her out at TammyJo or visit her Facebook Page!








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