Why I Love Modcloth (And You Should, Too!)

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This past weekend hubby and I had a chance to take the kids to the local beach. It was not that far of a drive and not that much of stretch to get there in his condition. We  do have the Global Vacations plan that allows us to stay at certain hotels and resorts throughout the year for free and sometimes for a really low price. I love the program in fact we even get a free 7 days each year to stay anywhere in the country! Which is really cool! We used the plan to stay two weeks ago for about 4 days out on the beach with the kids.

I ended up leaving some clothes there in the washer and dryer and had to drive back out there to pick up my clothes, that is where the Global vacation kicked in and let us stay for  the low, low!

Anyhow, I ended up having the chance to wear my vintage Swimsuit  from modcloth that I recently bought a while back. I'm not one for wearing cute one piece swimsuits because lets face it, after 4 kids I did get a little self conscious and always thinking about my body.  Than putting on a bathing suit was out of the picture unless I am able to feel classy and comfortable all at the same time!

That is why I love Vintage Modcloth swimsuits, I was able to find two retro vintage 50 style swimsuits! One all black and one a sort of blue and plaid color as you see in the picture below.


Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Royal Plaid


Modcloth was simple to order from and if you have any measuring tape at home I highly recommend you measure yourself as they show here in the picture to get your correct measurements. If you do this one step when you do order you can do no wrong and will have no worries about the order not fitting.


They have a large variety of retro vintage swimsuits available in all sorts of sizes from plus to small


modcloth sizing chart


If  you need any extra help when it comes to measuring  here is cool little video to show you how to do it.





They do have a return policy which is great! If something does not fit  you have you are able to return it for only 5.99 shipping fee. If you want to exchange it something you are able to for free and get a 5.00 Credit towards your next purchase along with free shipping!


I love modcloth everything, but especially their swimsuits for a girl like me, who likes to keep it simple classy Chic!


In fact or a limited time Modcloth is offering up to 30% off all swimsuits with for a limited time!


Do you like vintage style swimsuits when you go the beach, or do you even wear cute one piece swimsuits for women at all?


I would love to know.



Here's Looking at Zoo One-Piece SwimsuitHere's Looking at Zoo One-Piece SwimsuitBathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in EmeraldBathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in BlackNeed I Say Shore? One-Piece Swimsuit in DashesNeed I Say Shore? One-Piece Swimsuit in DashesBathing Beauty Two-Piece Swimsuit in Red - 16-34Bathing Beauty Two-Piece Swimsuit in Red – 16-34Bathing Beauty Two-Piece Swimsuit in Emerald - 16-34Bathing Beauty Two-Piece Swimsuit in Emerald – 16-34







P.S.  All Items were brought with my own money and  I am an affiliate of  Modcloth , so if you do purchase through my link.  I will  receive a small percentage which goes to support the blog. Thank you!


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