Listen Up – Fro Fashion Week Is Here!

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If you have not already heard, the most talked about event in natural beauty, fashion and hair is here. It is a twice a year event which happens in the spring and fall. Bringing together new designers, natural hair care artists and natural living and hair bloggers.

This event is not one to be missed and even I am trying my hardest not to miss this spectacular show!

Happening on Feb 18 -20th.

Fro Fashion Week gives you the option to choose between a $125.00 all access pass to all the workshops all three days, which includes guaranteed seating, access to the fashion show, a pajama spa party, the beauty and bloggers lounge. Also a sway bag which you will receive and much, much more.

The second option is the $75.00 one day pass to have access to the workshops, the runway shopping area,  the beauty and bloggers lounge. Along you will be given a  sway bag with the option to attend the  fronista mingle party great for networking and business ventures.


Some of the events include:

  • bloggers panel and discussion featuring ,, and
  • Naturally me media media preview
  • How to create your own natural products at home with Ashely Robertson
  • Why you should go Natural Facts Vs the myths
  • Fashion and natural hair show
  • And Much, Much More!

To get the full scoop on what the whole three day event will feature click here.

Anyhow I hope to see you there, I am hoping to make my plans as soon as possible!

To find out more about Fro Fashion Week Click Here.

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  1. Don'ea
    February 17, 2011 / 8:03 pm

    Hello, So excited to hear about Fro Week. I never had heard of this event. However, the general purpose of my message has nothing to do with the article. For two months now I have been wearing my natural hair. I am 4a/4b and frustrated with the slow growth. Finding what products work and what really moisturizes my hair is getting tiresome. I am trying not to give up. DANG, listening to myself it sounds like I am already defeated. For the next couple of months I am going to work harder on my hair regimen and styling. Can you tell me what products you are using? I watched several of your you tube videos and there was one where you told what you were using but that was sometime near your big chop. I was wondering has your product choices changed and if you had found things that worked better over the course of your journey. There are not many people in Oklahoma who are natural but that is starting to change. All though in this state MOST people are more relaxed if your hair is relaxed SOME of us are trying to stand up for what is right for us. What we feel in our personalities and spirits. My hair lenght is a little bit above my shoulders. The front is shorter though due to quick weaves / braids destroyed my temples. I have been taking Great Hair vitamin with biotin in it for almost a month and I can see they are getting fuller and not looking bald. I am so glad to know they were not permanantely damaged. It would help to review your hair regimen if you could help me. oh I have no relaxer on my hair at at all. My last relaxer was two years ago and I cut all that hair off but it was hidden under the quick weave. Thank you for any help. May you continue to be BLESSED.

  2. eashe
    February 19, 2011 / 11:13 pm

    Sure, no problem. I will gladly do a post and a vid sometime this week to shoe my hair regime. Some of my choices have changed as I am always experimenting to see what my hair likes and does not like.

    But congratulations on staying natural this long especially in a town when you are going against the norm.

    Stay strong and I will do a post this week:)

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