The Standard of Beauty???

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So what really is the true standard of beauty and who are the ones that make the set of rules. When I saw this video it sort of reminded me of my modeling days. I modeled  for a short time to quickly realize how grueling the industry could be towards those of another race. We all see the commercials that have the token black girls, the shows with an all white cast and one black person, or the kiddie shows oh, wait there are hardly any black children cartoons.

I love how the one woman said there is a hidden racism in the fashion industry, with all the scouters looking for a twiggy “Barbie Girl Look a like” showing that it is only way to sell their products.

I truly do believe that the industry are not full of a whole bunch of racist people that insist on not hiring black fashion models women and men but that they feel stuck to a old school thinking that only light fair skin is what sells.

Hey, I'm no racist  fact all my kids are bi-racial, however I love fashion and to be able to see a documentary that shows the industry in its true light surely had my thoughts ticking again………

So what do you think about the whole issue?

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