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This past weekend I was able to go and get my hair loc'd for my monthly wash and re-twist. There is nothing like going in and getting my hair and scalp massaged and reinvigorated. I love my monthly hair update and I love getting my strands re-twisted to look brand new and fresh. It has been 4 months now since I re-started my loc's and I will say it has been the best thing that I have done in a long time for my hair.

I will never go back again to loose natural hair at least not at the moment.  😉





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It's that time again to show you what I've been up to with my hair. I decided to go back to locs! Loc's are something I have always loved my for hair, they are so easy to have. They don't require that much up-keep and really fits in with my lifestyle. I can just get up go as I please, re-locing my hair is by far one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.

If you have type 4 hair or 4c hair then you know how difficult it is to keep up with your hair, especially if your already short on time. My natural hair is very tightly coiled and required tons of nurture and care to keep it healthy.

I'm not about that life anymore. In fact all I want to do is wash and go.

Yep, just get up and go 🙂

I started my locs with the two strand twists method, I did not do them myself but decided to go to a loctician to start them for me. Hey, maybe one day I'll learn to do them on my own. But until then I'm going to the stylist to have them re-twisted.

I wish I would have posted on here a lot earlier and showed you guys my 1 month and 2 month loc journey.

But I didn't,  so I'm hoping this 3 month loc journey update will suffice  going forward. 🙂

Tell me have you thought about starting loc's before?

Or better yet do you have loc's?


I would love to know!








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I have a little secret to tell and its not a good one. Wanna know what it is?

Well I  have not been taking care of my hair like I should have been this past year maybe two. Well almost two.

I have been so busy that it is not even funny. I have been a homeschooling two of my kids this year which will go back to three of them this coming school year. Second I have been working with my husband at his business in which we sell cars as the family business.

Used cars that is.

In fact he needs me to do all the title work until we get to a point where we can pay someone to do it for us. Honestly we can pay someone to do it now for us, but he does not want to pay as of yet. And I am not willing to spend the time training someone as of yet to take over the position.

Since my position handles a lot of the money.

However, that is not even the point of this post right about now, but in fact it really does show why I have been so busy. Between just being a mom, a teacher and working a part-time job. I have really pushed my hair to the back-burner and not really given it any sort of attention whatsoever.

I have been pulling my hair back in bun or two little buns for the longest time, which is not even funny anymore. It is to the point now where I have decided to re-lock my hair and grow my locks out. I have had locks in the past and have been a rocking my natural 4c hair since I was in high-school which was ages ago.

Way before the trend to go natural was hip.

Honestly, I'm not not that patient when it comes to my hair and I am so all about that simple life and all I really want to do is get up and go and not have to worry about my hair each and every single day.

Yea, I'm locking my hair, and If I get bored I'll just take them out or chop them off.

I'm so not that chick when it comes to hair.

So, yes my hair has suffered from severe split ends, very dry and even breakage to a couple of inches from no loving care on my part.

That is why I have decided to spend the next couple of weeks washing my hair weekly and doing  intensive deep conditioning treatments with the Shea moisture manuka honey hair products.  I really didn't want to use this one at first, since many of the Shea moisture Products I love (As A leave In, but not as a intensive deep conditioning treatment.)

Only from my experience in the past with Shea Moisture products not working as well in this regard for me.

So Since I had already bought it and it being on my shelf since for ever. I really need to use it up before I start to lock my hair.

Who wants dry locks.

I don't.

I have to say I  was heavily surprised that this Shea moisture manuka honey hair product lathered on really well and was really quite soft to touch.

As you can see in the picture after I placed the shopping bag on my head to keep the heat in for about 15 minutes to penetrate the strands. I could tell my hair was loving it. My hair soaked it right on up, and felt really good to the touch as I was detangling my hair with the conditioner in it.

It rinsed out really well with cold water and left my hair feeling really hydrated and soft to the touch. I plan on using this product until its gone and I invite you join me weekly  over the next two months as I wash my 4chair  to restore the porosity of my hair.

I know from experience that adding water to my hair weekly can do wonders for 4c hair, it just actually taking the time to take care of it.

What do you say, will you join me in my re-hydrate my hair challenge while using Manuka Honey Hair products?


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” I have a 4b hair texture and I hate It!”….


fro week pic one


This is one of the comments  I got this week, which was pretty much telling me that she hates having a 4b hair texture. Mainly because she has not been able to master her texture and get it under control with no frizz.  She works a lot and needs to have her hair groomed on  a daily basis.  We all know that yes, having a type 4 hair texture can be a bit much to deal with if you have not learned your hair type  and more so if your like me and I am not good with styles and can hardly braid.   I highly recommend that everyone read If You Love It , It Will Grow!  to get to know your hair type and what you can do to remedy the problems.


I would love to know what you think and if you have any ideas that would help her out in the comments below?



I have 4b hair texture and I have to honestly say I hate it.  I have tried many different products and recipes that just don’t work for my hair. Twist outs turn out frizzy no matter what I use. My ends are the driest and most difficult part of my hair. Conditioners do not penetrate my hair. Instead they just sit on top of my hair. After conditioning I have add some kind of moisturizer my hair throughout the week (glycerin and water helps a bit especially in humid weather). I have lost more hair in the past year and a half of transitioning compared to being relaxed. After cutting off the relaxed hair in May 2014 I thought outer would get easier but not at all. I don’t know how to braid was I can barely do twist outs. In addition I cannot wear a wild agro to work every day. Although I am low maintenance when it comes to hair, I do want to change my hair styles. I have tried the current look by using perm rods. Disaster washed a frizzy mess. Everyone suggests says you just have to find the products that work.

Arghhhh!!! Nothing Works!!!

I just end up frustrated and disappointed every time. I don’t like wearing braided extensions because I don’t like the tugging and pulling or soreness afterwards. They are too bulky washed they get in the way. I don’t want to wear weave either. Also i have to deal with family asking me why I have my hair like this and when am I going to make it look decent. I keep trying and trying to no avail. I can’t do this anymore. Nothing works for me. I have to go back to a relaxed….unfortunately. I just can’t make this work. I just want my hair to be the way it was before. Hmmmm…Cream of Nature or Mizani…either of those sounds good to me.



This Is What I responded with…. . I hope this helps. 


I'm sorry you feel that way Alexia, I struggled for a long time too, more so because I'm a really laid back person and I cannot braid or really ever get a great twist out. Because let’s face it, 4c hair is really tightly coiled and will always have some sort of frizz to it.

The one thing I have found to combat it  is to watch the Ph levels of the products I use, not to go over 7. Since that would be way to high and damaging on the hair.

I use leaves in with a mixture of aloe Vera juice and pre-poo with oils overnight for more shine and protection against shedding. I only finger detangle now and use the steamer at least once a week. Sometimes even in protective styles.

Have you ever considered locking your hair for a while?

I don't use perm rods either since I am not one for doing extravagant styles. Try to make sure you are not using products with sulfates, these can build up on the hair and not let the conditioners do their job. I have found that Mud based shampoos like Tercentennials do very well on type 4 hair and even on mine followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse, leave in with aloe juice and oil and then a sealant of castor oil or jojoba oil.

I try to let my hair dry naturally by putting it in protective styles for a week. While re-twisting some about every two days and spritzing with Alikay natural lemongrass leave in.

Than after about two days I seal again withShea moisture or Jane Carters Nourish and Shine. The main thing is to leave the hair alone. Our hair does not like a lot of manipulation. Wash, Clarify, Condition, Seal…..Let it be. I hope this helps.




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