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how to buy natural beauty


With a boom in the recent years with a push towards healthy living and eating, there is an increase in people wanting to buy natural beauty products. Many want to have natural beauty products that are not bad on their skin and hope to heal certain aliments that might be bothering them. I know for fact that I have always tried to buy natural, mainly because I have had skin issues since I was a child.

Even to this day I still tend to have some, however now I am learning I might actually have a food allergy which could be contributing some of my own issues.



However for the rest of us, it  shouldn't take a degree in chemical engineering to be able to read a skin cleanser label. But with multi-syllable words and mystery chemicals, you don't really know what you are putting on your face and body when you use popular, commercial products. By choosing certified organic skin care products and handmade natural bath and body products, you can be confident in their origin, purpose and function.


At least that is what I have experienced in my natural beauty shopping. You still need to read the ingredients however and don't get fooled just because it says organic or natural ingredients.  Each person is unique and reacts differently to different formulas.  Especially when it comes to hair care,  no one person hair on their head is the same as the next persons.  In my household we have many different shampoos and conditioners because their are so many different variances in our kinky curly hair texture in my household.

If your a kinky hair girl, I'm sure you could relate.  😉


And, yet your delicate skin is the first line of defense against sun, pollution, wind, stress and germs. As the largest organ in your body, contributing 15% to 20% of your total body weight, it is easy to neglect your skin because it is so easy to take for granted. But your skin has many important jobs to do and it needs the proper nutrition and care to perform at its highest level.

Nutrition and care for skin comes from both the inside and the outside.


In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, sufficient sleep and plenty of water, your skin requires a daily regime that helps it regenerate and combat both internal and external factors. Natural organic skin care products can nourish your skin rather than stripping it of essential oils and introducing irritations such as fragrances, preservatives, harsh detergents and unnecessary chemicals.


how to buy natural beauty products 3


Botanical's and purely organic ingredients perform the same functions as commercial detergents but with a simpler, gentler process.



Organic skin care uses natural, certified ingredients to work together in synergy to accomplish the same goals as commercial products without the harsh effects. But like I said earlier some of the smaller companies are not able to pay the fee to get certified organic on their labels, but many are just as good.  That is why it is good to do your research and stick to what I call the simple rule. Of making sure you understand the ingredients list and that it is down to very minimal ingredients.


Simple is always best, trust me a little can go a long way.


Organic natural handmade soap and cleansers gently remove make up, dirt, oils and pollution without stripping your skin. Natural fats and oils found in our body butters and organic lotions moisturize tone and protect the skin from sun, aging, wind and pollution. Organic face creams and body lotions serve a protective layer especially in sensitive areas such as the face and neck. Anti-aging antioxidants are naturally introduced.

And there is a limited  fear of sensitivity issues since organic ingredients are simple and pure. 😉


Your skin can not differentiate between good and bad chemicals. It indiscriminately absorbs whatever chemicals you slather on your face and body. By choosing Eco-friendly, natural organic body care products, you know that your skin is absorbing products rooted in nature and simply prepared by hand, with in the highest quality with the least chemical processes. And most of the time you can also be assured that no product will introduce a rash, irritation or allergic reaction because its ingredients are pure and natural.


And that is best thing we can do for our selves.



Read the first ingredient on the side of the container. By law, the list of ingredients must be listed in their order of concentrate. ( MEANING THE FIRST  ONE LISTED IS WHAT THE PRODUCT IS MOSTLY MADE UP OF.) This applies to food labels also. 😉


If you don’t recognize the names in the ingredients, do you really want to put it on your face?


Your skin can not differentiate between good and bad skin care products, but you can. Choose a holistic approach by utilizing organic body care and all natural skin care products for the purest and simplest choice.




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essential oil use

You ever wonder about all those essentials oils out there and which is right for you. There are so many and pretty much all of them have some sort of health benefit. Whether it is soothing , relieving stress, or stimulating your hair follicles to help produce growth.

Essentials oils is not something that has just come around in the new age of natural living. No, but in fact essentials oils have been around for centuries to remedy a variety of ailments both physical and emotional.

For example some of the benefits of essentials include oils like peppermint which are great for digestion while others like grapefruit have been known to have fat melting properties.

I know that sounds all new because essentials are pretty much known to help produce a state of relaxation or calming.

But yes, there are many uses for essentials oils.

So here I am going to explain Four essentials oils to you and how to use them.


First on the list is: Rose Oil

Rose oil has several uses including being used as an antidepressant, anti-wrinkle, to treat chronic bronchitis and asthma and to help improve sexual potency. It’s also used to induce calming and relaxation. And is said to be able to heal emotions and trauma by bringing warmth to the heart and soul.

Rose oil can also be used as a great spritzer right after a facial or even during.

It’s often blended with other calming oils to produce an all encompassing calming effect and blends well with Patchouli, Cedarwood Oil, Bergamot,Sandalwood, Chamomile, and Ylang-Ylang. You can place it in a lotion and apply it directly to your skin.

Rose is great for massage oils and bath products. You can also place in a diffuser and enjoy the scent in a room that you find calming.

For instance your bathroom, bedroom or study.


Second on the list is: Lavender Oil

Lavender oil may be the most common essential oil used for relaxation. You can find it in the grocery store isles in lotions, bath gels, shampoo and even candles. Lavender is everywhere. In addition to being wonderful for relaxing and calming, lavender oil can be uses as an analgesic, diuretic, styptic, rheumatism, muscle pain, depression, headaches, hypertension, insomnia, stress and skin diseases.

I find that whenever my kids have a hard time going to bed or just to restless a nice warm bath and some quiet music does just the trick. If you're looking for some great music for kids imagery for kids does just the trick. Or, you might Mr. Relaxation, I play this in their room almost every night and they are out.

No joke!

Like Rose Oil, you can combine it in a number of personal care products, drip it into your bathtub, or you can place it in a diffuser and enjoy it throughout your home.

Essential Oils: Detailed Essential Oils For Beginners Guide For Physical and Emotional Health – Including FREE 50 DIY Essential Oil Recipes ebookEssential Oil Diffuser,URPOWER® Aromatherapy Diffuser Portable Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier with 7 Color Changing LED Lamps, Mist Mode Adjustment and Waterless Auto Shut-off Function – for Home OfficedoTERRA Essential Oils Introductory Kit

Third on the list is: Jasmine Oil

Jasmine has a most recognizable fragrance and is commonly used as an aphrodisiac, to treat headaches, for fatigue, to soothe coughs, to improve and tone skin and to calm menstrual issues. Jasmine is also tremendous oil for calming.

Yes, it is one of my favorite, great smell too!

While jasmine oil is more expensive than just about any other essential oil, it is very powerful oil. To use you can blend into personal care products like bath gels, massage oils and lotions or you can place a few drops of jasmine oil in a vaporizer and let it permeate your yoke. * Burners and vaporizers*

Burners are great for getting the effect going really fast some of my favorite include the Gifts & Decor Ceramic Mini Oil Warmer Trio Tea light Candle Holder Set brand. One great Vaporizer would be the Aura Cacia Diffuser – Aromatherapy Vaporizer with Oil.


Jasmine oil blends well with Bergamot, Rose, Sandalwood and Citrus oils.


Fourth on the list is: Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil, both Roman and German, are wonderful for their calming and relaxing properties. They also help with treating PMS and other menstrual and menopausal problems and to heal and regenerate tissue.

Many practitioners recommend using Chamomile to treat irritable children and colicky infants. To use, blend in massage oil, place a few drops in the bath, blend into lotions and creams and place a few drops in a vaporizer or diffuser.

To create a powerful relaxing effect you can blend Chamomile with jasmine, lavender or rose oil.

Essential oils have many wonderful properties. Which fill your home with a sense of peace and calming, consider diffusing one or a blend of the above essential calming oils. And for those extra stressful days, add some to a bath or a vaporizer and enjoy the relaxing benefits.


Then don't forget that glass of wine to top it off.


I'm just saying.


P.S.  I would love to know if you use essentials oils and which ones.



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There are many ways these days to get your hands on natural beauty products. No matter what store you turn to from wholefoods, CVS, and even Publix. Most stores are now carrying some form or brand of all natural beauty products. However, even though you can find these products most natural beauty products can be expensive.Especially in a tight economy where many of us are pinching penny's.


But, not to fret.


Being able to find inexpensive natural beauty products is not that hard , in fact there are quite a few out there.


 Step 1.

You want to make sure you always willing to shop for a deal. Many natural beauty companies are constantly holding sales on their products. Many up to half off. In order to find these deals you need to head online. Companies such as Eco-mom offer products already at a discount and even give you an extra 25%constant savings when you sign up for their message list. You can visit them by clicking here.

Detox Market allows you to find beauty products and evening clothing up to 70% on daily deals when you sign up to be notified.  I love detox market you can always find a beautiful steal! You can find then here!

Step 2.

Second using natural beauty products will teach you and show you that many of the products are able to be used in more than one way. Essentially
giving you more bang for your buck . For example Shea butter mixed with essentials can be used on both hair and skin. So in the long run you are actually saving allowing you to get rid of the toxic filled lotions.



Be willing to buy in bulk, many companies offer coupons such as wholefood when you buy more than product at a time.


Look for swaps, there a quiet a few sites online that offer beauty swaps to people who are product junkies and are looking to exchange out products
for example. My natural hair events is someone to look into if you would like to swap out some products. 🙂


With more and more natural beauty companies coming on the scene each year, because yes the demand is growing. You will be able to find and locate
inexpensive natural beauty products.





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I have received a ton of emails of people wanting to know what products I have used on my hair through out the past year.  Although I have used on a ton of products there are a couple that have been my staple go to products.  Going natural as regards my hair has been learning process and I continue to learn new things all the time about my hair. In which I quickly learn what works and what does not work for my hair.

I'm not one to keep using something just because I bought it and my hair does not like it,  I'll either give it away or something.

However, I do continue to come back time and time again to a few couple of products mentioned in the video below.

Which are:

A new shampoo that I am trying is the Milcreek Naturals Heena shampoo for luster and shine. Having a  4c hair type my hair tends to lack shine, so I decided to give this one shampoo a try and so far I am pleased.

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You know I was thinking, about natural hair and things and the beauty that goes surrounds natural African American hair, kinky hair, textured hair and curly hair. How over the past decade a new movement has come about of new women wanting to showcase what god them and the true beauty that is them.    afrochic.2

I have been natural on and off since high school, more natural than relaxed but I have always worn my hair in its braided state or w/ something to cover it up and never in its true form until the short period when I was pregnant and decided to get locks.

The whole locks things lasted almost two years until after the birth of my last son, and then I took them out to get my hair relaxed again, because I hated staying to one thing. Having a more eccentric style and the whole straight relaxed thing did not last long either. I love the texture of natural hair the kinks and curls that come with it, I love the spins and waves the knots and all that embellish it.

So that is when after the last time that I had a relaxer and my hair was to my shoulders, I ended up changing hair stylists because I had moved. Somehow when I changed stylists she changed relaxers on me and my hair did not take well to the change. My hair became over pressed and started to break off from the creamy crack. It broke off so much that I decided the hell with that, and decided I am going back natural for good the hell what anyone thinks.

I ended up doing my big chop in late, late April of 2010 and now it is late July of 2010 and I am loving my natural hair with out the stuff on my scalp causing irritation and all that crap .

My hair is healthier, thicker and is growing at rate that I never thought it actually did. It  actually grows  a little more than a half an inch per month, which is good because that means instead of an average 6 inches per month, I would have about 7 and possibly than some!(I found this out from measuring my hair over a period of four months.)

But that brings me to the question to ask you, how did you feel when you did your big chop, or how are you feeling about going natural?

If you are sitting on the edge, and wondering if it is something that you want to do let me tell you, it is more of mindset change than anything else. Once you are able to get over the stump and realize the true beauty that is you. This comes with research into natural hair care, the history of the negative connotations towards black hair and actually learning how to take care of your hair.

Than you will have understanding, with understanding comes wisdom about your hair and that brings freedom to be what you want to be and who you are.

I love that I have went natural and hope those that are sitting on the bench do the same………

P.S.  I would love to hear your comments on the whole going natural situation. Wanna know more about mindset change and the whole history of black hair in America than you read my post by clicking here!

Photo: c0urtesy of fyeahcurls