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Austin Reading


I decided that this coming school year, I'm going to home school my children.

Well pretty much all of them.

I have four boys, and pretty much, I am still going up and down as to whether or not to have them all home with me. My boys are pretty active children and range in ages from 11, 7, 5, 3, so you see things get pretty busy around here and even I. Continue to get doubts as to whether or not I am making the right decision and if I will be great a teacher or not.

But then again, deep down something inside of me is letting me know that I am. Well to take you back a step I will let you know what has led me to this decision. My oldest son has always had trouble in school since the time he was a toddler. I still have memories of teachers telling me how unfocused he was, not organized, never sitting still, not keeping his hands to himself and the list can just go and on. I mean really are kids supposed to sit still. Toddlers at that! These were some of things I was dealing with including the long hours of conferences, the IEPS for special education children and so called programs put in place to help him.


What a bunch of bull!

None of that stuff worked and I knew it never would, I know my son is smart and for them to tell me he was not learning. Is a bunch of crock! When clearly I saw that the regular school system was and is not for him. From changing public schools many times, to private schools, to dealing with bullying and his trouble with making friends. I just came to my end and decided enough was enough.

It was time to take him out and home school him.

So I met with a home school consultant in the area and came to the conclusion that I should home school all my kids. This is something that has been on my mind for years, and I have always felt a little in adequate as if I was not qualified to teach my kids when clearly I know that I am . This is a journey that I am embarking on, and urge you to follow along with me. What I have come to realize is that it is my God Given right to teach my kids, and as parents it is our natural , innate duty to teach our kids. Natural learning is inherent in all kids and they will learn if we take the time to utilize tools and guide them.

However, am I scared. Hell yeah!

Am I excited, Yes indeed!

Do I love my kids and want them to have the best education they can possibly have.

No doubt!

But I always come back to The Benefits of Homeschooling and how important education is to me. I have one son in Pre-K now but almost ready for 1st grade math, and reading at pre- 1st grade level. So why would I want to put him in public school, or keep in the private school when he is so ready for so much more. My 1st grader need a little more help in math since the private school he is in completes school work a year ahead than public schools. So I feel that the math was a little too fast for him and he needs to go a little slower and at his own pace. My oldest well he needs to be home period since he has challenges all in his own. Instructional school is not for all children and surely not for my children. I don't hate schooling, I just now know. That Homeschooling is the best option for my family and I.

So how will I educate them? You might ask.

Well since I have more than one child, there are many options to consider, including homeschooling four kids of different ages.

Surely something I have thought about.

Nevertheless, I'd rather I have my children getting the benefit of an individualized curriculum tailored to their individual needs. Because when your child goes to school it is normally 20 or more students to one teacher, at least in public schools. In some areas it can be up to 30 students for each teacher. This means that children get very little of the teacher's undivided attention. Home-schooled children typically get one-on-one time and this helps them to learn more efficiently and retain what they learn.

When children lean at the natural pace it makes learning fun and teaches children to become lifelong learners. When it is just you and a couple of children you are able to take the time to let them learn things according to their own schedule and skills. Children all have different strengths and learning styles and don't understand the same things at the same time. In public school there isn't time to let the kids learn at their own pace, that's why they get so much homework. Home-schooled children do not need to meet the same unrealistic expectations.

Which means less stress for your children and you.

Another thing to consider is learning styles.

Each child learns things a different way. Many teachers only teach one way. Some children are visual learners, some learn by listening, and some learn by doing. Some teachers only teach one way which leaves the rest of the kids out.

So with homeschooling comes research and so with that I am reading the “The Well Trained Mind – A Guide To Classical Education At Home” By Susan Wise Bauer and Jesse Wise. When I tell you that this book is awesome it is freaking amazing.

Now don't get me wrong it is a thick book, but a very delightful book filled with tons of information on the whys and how's of homeschooling the classical way.

The absolute best thing about homeschooling though is the fact you get to spend so much time with your children. No teacher will enjoy your child as much as you, nor will they enjoy watching your child learn as much as you.

However, let's get to the real stuff! The materials I choose to use for my home school. From completing a lot of research based on my kids learning styles and where they are at developmentally. I chose to go with.

Peace Hill Press company for their Writing, Reading, and Grammar Curriculum.

The First Language Lessons For the Well Trained Mind-

Levels one, Two and Three .

The Complete Writer:

Levels One, Two ,Three and Four

When It comes to science we will use free resources off the internet.

  • ¬†Art and Music they will take courses for.
  • Socialization will be through local co-op groups.

I think I have it figured out.

I guess we'll see.