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Since I started homeschooling my kids, I decided to incorporate more audio books into our home school atmosphere. I have always been a fan of anything audio since I was young girl, that includes audio books, podcast's, even learning math through audio alone.  Being able to listen to audio helps young ones to visualize in their heads the scene and essence of the stories. It teaches them to tune in with their mind using their ears to explore their imagination.

It gives them the as I believe the visualization technique which I feel is beneficial when it comes to learning how to become a great reader. Being able to see with your “minds eye” – quite literally.

After reading the Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer she helped bring back to memory for me the enjoyment I had with audio books as a child, and that it can and will benefit my children also.

When I was younger the internet was not even something that it is today, back than we listen to books on tapes, music on tapes and all that good stuff. Now that we do have the advantage of using the internet to help us with teaching our kids. Online audio books for kids is one that is essential to my almost daily home school routine. We listen to audio books in the car, while were driving to and from soccer, music , or swimming lessons.

I find it so neat, that even with a car full of four boys. When I turn on some downloadable children's books they all get really quiet and tune in! Boy I tell ya, using audio books are great to help bustling children calm down and enjoy themselves. puts it this way ~

You'll find that these books not only provide you with an occasional break from reading (and rereading the same stories again and again); they also enrich your child's multi-sensory experiences with books.

Hearing a book read on tape helps her see how the words on the page can come alive in a fluid, expressive way. It helps her focus on the sounds of words read without interruption and provides a model of fluent reading. Audio books also give her an important introduction to listening — a skill that she must master in order to learn to read.  ~

Some of my Favorites audio books that my children love are:

I useaudiblefor most of my downloadable children's books. I signed up through Amazon which has the Audible program. Than I downloaded the Audible App and installed in on my computer, Phone, etc. So that I would be able to play it in the car while were driving.  The kids love it and its so simple to use and order.

I also have a audio book listening station for my younger kids in my den so that they can listen in while I'm teaching one of the other kids . Or just for fun for my four year old.  As you see in the picture above.


I also know that since I am a teacher and this is teacher appreciation week, Discount School Supply is offering a 15% off all there supplies this week for teachers. I do consider my self a teacher……….no harm done right.  They offer audio docking stations along with classic audio books for your home too!  You can find that offer here.

So what about you do you use audio books, and downloadable children's books?


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The kids and I have been having  a whole lot of fun doing simple art activities at home the past couple of months.  I pretty much let the kids color on their own in the morning with just some basic paper and art material laying around. I like them to use their imagination and creativity to make things. Yes some of my children are naturally more creative than others, so I decided to get some draw to life books and and a one of the 1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life Book.  To help one of my sons who gets frustrated when he can not thing of anything to make right off his head.  To my astonishment he likes them, Austin my 7 year old likes to have the art ideas laid out for him.

So to have the books that show him step by step how to make something really has boosted his creative self esteem, if there even is such a thing.  However, he likes them and that's all that matters. My younger son Jordan really got a kick out of the book yesterday. He wanted to draw some sharks and decided to use the 1-2-3 Draw Ocean Book to make a hammerhead shark and some sea urchins.

See the picture. I thought he did pretty good for his first time using the book.  We also use the Draw write now Books in our simple drawing activities in which they would draw a picture a picture and write out the sentence or two right below it for copy work. Its like killing two  birds with one stone.

I Luv it!

For now the 1-2-3 Draw Ocean Books have been really great when it comes to sparking up some really quick creative juices in the minds of my young ones. They have a lot of color and show you step by step how to make each creature.  For example in this book it shows you how to draw sea urchins, starfish, sharks, hammerheads, jellyfish and much more.  This is a great book to have to complement a study of marine biology for the young ones or even just basic sea life.

Good Stuff.

Do you use any learn how to Draw books in your home school?





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I know I've been M.I.A. (missing in action) for a moment. Doing the whole home school thing with the kiddies and having fun doing it. I have really been enjoying having my kids at home with me and exploring and learning new things. The time is flying by so fast, and this year is almost over with from the time that I started homeschooling. Not to fret, I plan to be back in action real soon with a ton of new blog posts. Covering the whole home school thing, natural new products I've tried and even some hair updates.

I've been pretty much getting my feet wet this year with kiddo's and just learning how they learn and having fun while doing it.

Yeah, were having fun.





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There is a new documentary in the mix about one family who chose to avoid the public school chaos and bring their kids home to school them. This is one film that is still in the works and they are looking for support to get the train moving. If and when the film is finished it will help bring to light the movement that is growing across the country of families bringing their kids home from public school.

Taking control of their children's education.

I can identify with this, since I too brought my own kids home from public school to shield them from things I thought they were not ready for, to teach them things I felt and know the school was not doing right. Along with protecting my oldest from years of bullying that he was being tormented with day after day in public and private school.

I love public school, I went to public school and graduated from it, but not all schools are the same and not all public schools are the way they were when I was growing up. There is a lack of funding, lack of parental involvement in school which is putting stress on the school systems to cut programs, lay off staff and place pressure on students to step up. With testing to bring in more funds to the school. This cause stress in kids, and families. I was one of those families with a young boy who has learning difficulties and as each year went by, and I saw the love of learning leave him. The more I became convinced I had to do something and take him out of it.

We tried therapists, IEP programs, special teachers, even private school for about 2 years. The only thing that really helped him to flourish was when I took him out of school and brought him home. Not money, not tutors, not special programs in which all it did was label him and make him feel less than.

So you know what.

Class dismissed.

Show support to get the film going, by donating. It will go a long way.

Visit here to learn more.  Class dismissed.

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homenew 066Well the summer is over and school is back in session all over the country at least. As you know in my house hold this year I have decided to home school all of my four boys. This was not something that I did not decide to do right off the back. even though before I even had kids I always had the thought in my mind. That I would eventually home school the children that I would have.

I grew up with a family in my local congregation who was a family of 8, 2 parents and 6 kids and she homeschooled all her kids. I always admired how well behaved the kids were, and how they were able to travel and go out in the ministry as much as needed too . Yeah, even as a little girl I noticed these things. I guess you can say I had a natural knack for motherhood, from a far off.

Now today as an adult woman with 4 kids of my own, I'm glad that I made the choice to home school my boys. Even in the short amount time that they have been home with me, I have already experienced the joy of seeing two of my children grasp knowledge that might have been hard for them in a classroom setting. The only reason this is, is because my oldest has a really hard time leaning in a setting with too many distractions. He has sensory processing disorder, and just the light being too bright can throw him off a bit.

We have been studying about chemistry using the real science for kids curriculum, so far we have made a womery so the boys can see the process of a worm life and how they dig tunnels. I know a womery, but truth of the matter is, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and when you have boys these are the things they like to do.

For the past two week we also have spent time studying, about Asia geography, the people and have been using the mixture of a Charlotte Mason educational philosophy. By incorporating a lot living books into our study's. For example on the study on Asia, we learned about Asia through maps, cooking a Asian meal, and but more so by reading real books on the topic for the child. We had the chance this week to read “Ping” the book about an Asian duck and  “A Look At China”. For my oldest son he read Ancient China.

I'm one for natural learning for my kids and hope that it will give my kids appreciation for learning, and nature. While at the same time instilling good moral values. My whole goal is to find a good balance between academics and natural learning.


homenew 064

Not to say that the whole two weeks have been great, I am already learning that I going to have to tweak a couple of things this coming week, to make the work flow go a little smoother. The first day I was exhausted not because of the kids, but mentally because I was putting to much stress on myself internally.

The days that followed were a lot easier and I'm excited about this new week coming up, because they will be starting their music lessons and going on weekly P.E. groups and Field trips with a local co-op.

Being able to see my kids learn and not feel the stress that a school system places on them to learn at their pace and their way. Is something that is truly great to experience!

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